Bloggers Undo With di∙gel

Tis' the season to overdo with massive holiday dinners and endless treats. Read how six bloggers learned how to undo with di∙gel, an all-in-one solution for consumers in need of digestive relief. This new product offers the unique dual benefit of having both an anti-gas and antacid and comes in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle needs: liquid, tablet and the convenient ‘On the Go’ products for your pocket or purse. di∙gel is available at major drug and grocery retailers nationwide, for more information, visit  

Milanesa and a Special Appearance by di∙gel

The holidays and food come hand in hand. I mean, who can you blame? Food is always available and the center of attention when it comes to family and friend gatherings. There's endless appetizers, a variety of main courses, and desserts for people that don't even like sweets. It brings people together and puts a smile on everyone's face because let's face it, who doesn't love food? Sometimes, however, it can be a little too much....more

Too many Monster Cookies, oh my! Undo the overdo with di∙gel

Every holiday memory I have is a hazy blur of gifts, excitement over Santa, family togetherness, and a very crisp recall of all the desserts lining my grandmother’s kitchen counter. With total surety, I can tell you exactly what she’ll have sitting up there come Christmas, from left to right: six layer Italian cream cake, Monster Cookies, peanut butter Cookies, Rice Krispie treats, German chocolate cake, more monster cookies, and chocolate fudge....more

Overdoing it is part of the job

Early the next morning, I pawed through the box and came across the bottle of di·gel; an all-in-one antacid and anti-gas solution. It was brand new, unopened. I read the label:Our specially formulated products handle everything from heartburn and acid indigestion, to upset stomach, bloating and even gas. di•gel is your all-in-one solution for digestive relief. ...more

Holiday Handbook: Surviving Hog Flu

My favorite feature of the holiday season is all of the incredible food I get to eat. Mouthwatering, tantalizing and delectable dishes that are only appropriate at holiday gatherings just rock my world. While I do try to maintain my health throughout this scrumptious season, I do not restrict myself from trying a little bit of everything and unbuttoning my jeans if needed. I plan to gain a few pounds and give myself a break for a few weeks. I also plan to deal with an ugly bout of Hog Flu....more

Holiday Indulgences You Simply Must Have

With Christmas just around the corner and a slew of parties ready to be had, I popped back into the Cheeky Kitchen holiday archives to see if any of the recipes there are worthy of toting to a friend’s house this year. And stuck there, like a dusty old trunk in a forgotten attic, was this recipe for Egg Nog Tres Leches Cake. Girlfriendz, we need this for our Decembers. Also, you have been warned. The following post, with its unapologetic list of must-make holiday fare will also make us glad we have this for our Decembers....more

di∙gel For Everyone!

Ah, the holidays. Thanksgiving kicks off the great tradition of eating until you explode, and it lasts for a month solid. As if one Thanksgiving dinner isn't enough, our family (like a lot of families) hosts two dinners for the season of thanks. We're more stuffed than the turkey by the end of the holiday break. I could argue that turkey is a nice healthy food, as are green beans and corn and potatoes. But when eaten in vast quantities, and mixed with all manner of not-so-healthy appetizers in copious amounts, one has just set themselves up for a world of intestinal hurting....more