Unemployed Christian

Unemployed Christian

You know it has been difficult to do what you think you should be doing and still come up short, empty, nothing to show for all your efforts.  

They say go to college...get a degree...and secure a place in this society!  Well, I guess they didn't anticipate this Economy.  I've been unemployed twice now in the last 2 years.  I've been creative and diligent in my search.  Joining countless job sites, joining and attending networking groups, even calling upon "targeted employers".  

And still after 5 months (this time, last time was 9 mos.) I find myself UNEMPLOYED!

My nickname used to be "smiley" ... so that should tell you something about my personality... Upbeat, positive, and a christian (trying to stay strong in my faith).

But when you apply for job after job and get a "kind" rejection letter, sometimes hours after you've applied (like today), it gets exceedingly hard to remain upbeat.  

I know God has a plan/journey for all of us, and tell Him the desires of your heart, but maybe I'm misunderstanding His message because this Unemployment thing is not what I'm supposed to be.  While I love being a homemaker, my DNA drives me to be a contributor to the professional arena as well. 

Maybe I'm not praying for the right thing....I've sat in silence trying to hear His voice speak to me about my path... Yet, I found myself the next day in a panic about finances, Christmas, my well being.

I know Faith is one of the most single important elements in the Christian life and trust me... I have the faith of a single mustard seed. :-) But...the blows of rejection can sometimes take me out, spin me around up high and drop me on my head!

I guess I feel like I've been patient, I've prayed, I've put myself out there waaaay beyond my normal boundaries and still not a job is stirring, not even a mouse of one.

As I type this, I know I must continue to pray, but I really want a J.O.B! 

Someone told me, this is God's way of giving me time to pursue my dreams, the things I have a passion to do, and I've tried that... Started a book (I love writing) but can't get a serious publisher to even take a look, I've done motivational speaking/career coaching for a local Women's Ministry (in November they loss their funding), and so I find myself empty... as the well seems to be drying up.  

I guess I'm just ranting so I'll end this by saying.... How hard is it for an Unemployed Christian to Keep her faith.  But I guess nothing comes easy.... you have to just keep believing in ....??? ~Yeah, that which is hoped for, but not yet SEEN!

If you happen to read this please... leave a comment/word of encouragement .... as I stand here Naked as I can be in the middle of the street traffic just passing me by.

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