An Unfinished Story

I love plot surprises. An unexpected twist allows me to see a character from an entirely different perspective. Sudden new revelations can make me look at a story in a completely different way. Anyone who has watched The Crying Game, Sixth Sense or even The Empire Strikes Back knows what I mean.

But plot twists in real life aren’t always so pleasant. Unexpected events can threaten our dreams and dash our happy endings. In those moments, we are faced with confronting a present that was not what we expected and a future much different than what we had originally planned. In those moments, we must re-write our life’s script and redefine what a happy ending means.

The revisions are neither quick nor easy. But they represent opportunities for growth, for learning and, yes, even humor.

This blog, Second Draft, is inspired by twists that I could not have imagined twenty years ago. For me, the title has multiple meanings. (To continue reading, click here.)


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