Unforeseen Obstacles of Life Part II

It was a Saturday night; I had spent the evening watching television with a neighbor, a woman whose son I had dated previously.  She left my house at midnight. Twenty minutes later I was sitting on my couch in the family room watching television and heard glass breaking.  I immediately got up and started walking down the hallway toward the kitchen thinking a deer had just run through my back sliding door.  When I got to the end of the hallway the man I used to date and his wife were coming at me with a baseball bat.  I started backing down the hallway back towards the family room. His wife was in front with him right on her tail.  She said something to me which I didn’t hear.  I said what?  She didn’t answer back and began hitting me continuously in the head with the bat.  She hit me at least 10 times in the back of the head.  Neither of them spoke, which I thought was a bad sign; they had me cornered by my office desk.  I put my arms up to try to stop from getting hit and protect my head.  I quickly decided the only way I was going to get out of this alive is not to fight back because there were two of them, and because one of them was male.  I tried to pick up the desk chair and put it between us, but I was too weak to lift it. One of them moved the chair away.  I tried to scream, nothing came out.  When she was giving him the bat I managed to get on the ground and get my hands over some of my head.  Then he began hitting me in the back of the neck and head with the baseball bat.  He hit me at least 10 times also. I was thinking they were trying to kill me because they were only hitting me in the head. He stopped then kicked me on my tailbone and I kind of flopped my arms and pretended to be dead.  He said, she’s dead let’s get out of here. 

I waited a few minutes listening for sounds, scared to move in case they were still there.  When I was sure they were gone I crawled to the desk chair and pulled myself up and sat there trying to get the strength to get to a phone.  Sitting there I saw a manila envelope on my desk he had given me with his name written on it.  Enclosed was quote he had given me for clearing away what was left of my house when my house burned down.  I picked it up to take with me in case I didn’t survive, but I guess I dropped it when I stood up. Doubled over I started down the hallway towards the kitchen, I got my gun off a dining room table chair and went to the kitchen phone to call 911.

I called 911 and told the operator my home had been broken into and I had been attacked and need an ambulance.  I gave her my address and she asked if I wanted her to call anyone.  I gave her his mother’s phone number because she had just left my house so I knew she was awake and could get here fast, plus she was a nurse. I also gave the 911 operator another friend’s phone number, but asked her to call them in the morning because I thought they would be asleep and not answer the phone.  I put my gun away back in my fanny pack because I thought I was going to pass out and thought they might come back and use it on me.  I told the operator I was going to put the phone on intercom and went and leaned against the door frame by my bedroom door so I could see out the front windows at the same time be able to go in my bedroom and lock the door if they came back before the police got there.  I saw 3 police cars thru the window at my mailbox unsure where to go. I flashed my porch lights on and off so they could see where to come. 

The ambulance arrived soon after the police.  Four different police departments came to my house including the State Police.  I told the police who attacked me and told them where they lived and gave them directions how to get there.  His mother also arrived.  The police were asking me questions and took pictures of my injuries as the EMT’s bandaged and checked my injuries.  The EMT’s asked me which hospital I wanted to go to.  My neighbor said she would pick me up and bring me home when they released me.  The EMT’s put a neck brace on my neck and put me on a gurney and put me in the ambulance and transported me to the hospital.  The EMT’s had me on my back on the way to the hospital.  I asked if I could get on my stomach because the neck brace was hurting my neck from all the jostling around, but they wouldn’t let me.

At the hospital I remember getting at least 3 shots in the head and a nurse or doctor telling me they were going to put staples in my head.  I was cold and kept asking for more blankets.   I thought they would x-ray my head, neck and back, but didn’t.  When the doctors finished the hospital called my neighbor and she came and picked me up and took me home.  I had lost all track of time and had no idea how long I had been at the hospital.  I was so tired, I just wanted to sleep.

When I got home her other son was at my house with his girlfriend.  He said his sister called him and told him to come over here.  I assume she thought her brother would come back and wanted him here to protect us if they did come back.  He also said the girl he was with had been through a similar situation and could help.  His mom said she was on call for work, so she was going home to get some sleep and that her son and his friend would stay the night with me and wake me up every 2 hours.  I went to bed.  I don’t remember them waking me up while I slept.

I woke up the next morning to the phone ringing.  I could hear my friend’s voice on the answer machine, no one answered it.  I got out of bed and went to the family room.  They were still asleep. He was asleep on the floor and his friend was asleep on the couch.  The phone rang again and it was my friend who had just called.  I briefly told her what happened, she said she would fill my prescriptions from the emergency room and come over with them.  I waited for her in my kitchen as the other two still slept. When she got here she gave me water and my prescriptions to take as I told her how they broke in and attacked me.  She had also brought a camera with her.  She took pictures of me and said she would take pictures of the rest of the house and damage.  While we were talking my attacker’s mother came over and asked how I was.  We were all in the kitchen, she asked the son who had stayed the night to come outside to talk to her, and then she left.   He came back in and went back to the family room. My friend said she was going to start taking pictures and I went in my room to get out of my bloody clothes.  I put my shorts, t-shirt and pillow case I slept on into a garbage bag to give to the police.  When my friend came back into the kitchen she told me she stopped the guy in the family room twice from throwing things on the floor away, like the envelope with his brother’s name and address on it.  Then she started cleaning up all the glass from the broken slider door.  I remembered seeing blood on a piece of glass when I called 911 so I told her not to throw it away.  We sort of waited uncomfortably for them to get their shoes on and stuff together. On his way out he said he would go find a big piece of wood and board up the door for me.  I thanked them and they left. I began thinking how stupid it was of me to call my neighbors whose son had attacked me.

I hadn’t called my Dad yet and started getting emotional just thinking of how I was going to tell him what happened.  My friend called for me and told him what happened and said I would be staying with her and her family and they would take care of me for a few days until he could get here. Then she gave me the phone so I could tell him I was all right and safe now.  She took me home and put me to bed in their guest room.  All I remember after that is asking for a towel so I wouldn’t get blood from my head all over her pillow and being woken up in the evening and being fed some chicken and medication and going back to bed…

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