What do we do when life simply brings circumstances that were unforeseen….out of the blue……? What do we do when we have been “blindsided?”…..Life can happen with things that we had no way of predicting or knowing…..What do we do then?

When something happens that we did not expect and we must deal with the circumstances surrounding it we simply have to “regroup” emotionally and allow ourselves time to deal with what has just happened……We have both the intellectual side (decision making) as well as the emotional side to deal with…..Most often our emotions are what generate our decisions so we have to balance our decisions with both intellect and emotions…not emotions alone….

Most great decisions are made with a balance of intellect and emotion both…One without the other usually leaves something lacking, even during the good times in life…..When we make a decision solely based on intellect we are negating another important part of our decision making process….the emotional side….When we solely go on emotion we tend to make poor decisions…..There is need for balance……or at least there should be in my opinion…

When one bases a decision solely on intellect they lose the passion that comes through their emotions to push the decision to the heights it needs to become successful….Passion comes from emotion……Passion is a necessary ingredient to become successful in any area of life……True passion comes from being on our right roads for our lives…..Lack of passion comes from being on the wrong roads in life…..

When one bases decisions solely on emotion they tend to be like a ship without direction out at sea……They have no clue where they are going, but they are likely enjoying the view at the moment…..Eventually they get lost and what was once a beautiful view is no longer more…..We need Intellect to balance out emotion…..

So when something unforeseen comes into play we do need to realize we will likely be emotional…..because it has interrupted something good that we likely care about…..or love…..That is the time to balance everything with Intellectual decisions…..keeping in mind what is important to us emotionally…..

Life is about balance……the balance between what is emotional and what is intellectual…….Making great decisions needs to be a way of life so that we can keep our happiness in life consistent……We cannot predict the Unforeseen….People would like to be able to do so….but so much of life is about things that we simply have no way of predicting and we simply have to understand that…..We all want to be able to know what the future holds so we can either avoid it or capitalize on it…but there is simply no way beyond making the best overall decisions we can….

If one lives long enough they will see Unforeseen events in life….but do remember there are also good Unforeseen Events that take place….Sometimes we see in our own lives or in the lives of others something WONDERFUL that was not expected by any of us…..and when times like that happen we need to be Excited……


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