You are having a normal day when you wake up.  You shower, get your breakfast and hop on your computer.  When you log into your Facebook account you look to your right and see FB's "suggested friends" and notice that someone you are friends with has "unfriended" you.  What a horrible word..."unfriend".  Who even says that???

Immediately  questions start spinning in your head.  Why did this person unfriend me?  Did I do something wrong?  Am I too boring?Or even worse, am I too annoying on Facebook?

Sometimes it is not a big deal if you didn't really know the person all that well, anyway.  However, if you find out you are unfriended from a friend that you were actually friends with...it bothers you.  This person is revoking their friendship from you...and most of the time without notice.

How do you handle that?  It has happened to most of us (myself included) and it stinks.  Sure- it doesn't ruin your day, but it still bugs you.  Back in the day, if someone didn't want to be your friend anymore, they would tell you, or stop calling you.  I feel that unfriending someone is such a cold way of ending a friendship.  If you are thinking about unfriending someone, think about it.  Why did you ask them to be your friend, or accept their freind request in the first place?

What I have noticed is that people are afraid of having too many friends on Facebook.  Either, they don't want personal information spread around, or they just don't want to clutter up their Facebook walls with people they really don't keep in touch with.  These reasons are perfectly understandable, but the person being unfriended might not understand why they are no longer allowed to be a part of your life anymore.

Sometimes I feel like Facebook is a grown-up high school of sorts.  If you are not "cool" enough, you are out.  Talk about rejection!  This just confirms my belief that the world is becoming even more cold than it already is.  People break up via texts nowadays, why not unfriend someone over Facebook.  Really?  What's next??  Do I really want to know?

Word to the wise?  Don't friend someone you really don't want to be friends with in the first place.  It saves the person any unecessary grief or insecurity later.  And if you are one of the people who have been unfriended by your so-called friends? Who needs them?!  It is their loss now.  Keep being you, and keeping the friendships with the real people in your life special.  Facebook can't break up real friendships!