Ungardening and Pickled Green Tomatoes

I've started this post about five times now and my brain doesn't seem to be working.

Let me just spit it out.

I wrote my first guest post today for my fabulous blogger friend Justine. Yay!

Justine is my long lost twin who lives in Boston and has one of the coolest blogs around. Okay, so maybe she's not my long lost twin, but she does have a super amazing blog. I'm privileged to write my very first guest post for her!

You can find my post, Ungardening and Pickled Green Tomatoes, over at her blog The Lone Home Ranger

In this lovely post I write about how L. and I dug up our winter garden this morning. We also made pickled green tomatoes. They look really good but we'll have to wait a few weeks to see if they actually taste good. I'm crossing my fingers since I went ahead and shared the recipe with the world. 

In retrospect, the post seems really peaceful. I'm laughing a bit about it now. We happened to dig up the garden on the windiest, coldest day of the week. L. didn't really want to be outside in the wind so she only helped me pick tomatoes. Everything else took ages since I was trying to keep her occupied and fix snacks, etc. etc....and then we had to take the bus to the store and back to get pickling supplies.

It's funny how sometimes all of the chaos doesn't make it into the blog post. I like that. I prefer to remember the good stuff and not the craziness.

Even though I'm ready for a nap now, I'm glad the garden is ready for planting this weekend. And I'm looking forward to tasting our pickled green tomatoes in a few weeks. And I'm glad I got to be part of The Lone Home Ranger

Originally posted at S.A.H.M. i AM.

Picture credit: Emily Sefcik


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