an unhacked kura

an unhacked kura


I managed to keep Micah in his crib for more than 3 years. Technically, since he started with it at 11 months, maybe it's more like 2 and a half years. But whatever: a really long time. Happily, mind you. We went to Baja, he slept in beds there, peacefully content, returned home and dove blissfully right back into his crib with nary a negative twinge.

He's an interesting kid, that one.
I probably could have wrangled a few more months (years?!) out of it, but I decided it was time. A good time for a bed. I don't know why - there weren't any big signs or things happening. I just thought it was time.

After a lot of searching (but of course; wouldn't be fun without it, would it?) we settled on the Ikea Kura. Despite being mass-produced and of particle board, it's a pretty neat little bed. You can have it as a small loft, you can swipe it around and let it be floor-based with a canopy. You can attach a tent to it (sold separately) that made me want one. Why don't they sell cool stuff like this for adults?

We found it on Craigslist for $300 - I wrote and said if they were willing to part with it for id="mce_marker"00, I'd be there the next day.  Well, two weeks later, they wrote. We went. Awesome! That bed still smelled like Ikea packaging.

Mikey put it together. Ikea products might be nifty when assembled, but the process of assembling it drives me literally to tears. Sobbing. I remember when I lived in the warehouse in Jingletown, I was trying to put up those wavy mirrors and was overcome with despair and of course, as I am narcoleptic, that made me sleepy so I had to sleep. Then I got up and started working at it again, sobbing, mascara streaks, got sleepy again. slept. This went on ALL DAY: work, cry, sleep. Work, cry, sleep. COULD NOT GET THE SUCKERS UP. Finally, my  housemate came by and was like, why don't you use the drill and leveler?

Drill? Leveler? Bang head on wall. Bang head on wall. Bang head on wall.

I'm really glad I'm married to this man. He builds things from Ikea. Like, he wants me out of the room while he does it. He says it's "easy" and makes it look so too, but I know better. I have been single, my friend. I know.

And so.

isn't it just impossible taking a picture of a 3-year old?    


Up and away we go! You know what he said the first time he climbed up the ladder?  
"Is this safe?"
View from the head - and yes indeed that is a train calendar there!
View from the feet (that goes to Moxie's changing station)

See? That's Moxie's changing station. It comes down and has lots of storage pockets inside. We hang the hair dryer (our weapon against diaper rash) from it

Sort of the view from the side. It's what's on the other wall, is what it is. A big, unadulterated Expedit. With handy-dandy (labeled) Expedit drawers. All Ikea products, all of 'em. Gosh, I'm so embarrassed. I kind of feel like I'm showing you my underwear drawer.

I yearn to dive into projects that they have at Ikea Hackers or Odeedoh, trick stuff out with a saw and some paint.
In the meantime, he's got a functional bed, with some room to move.
And in the now-time, I got to have this conversation with him yesterday:

Is today tomorrow?
- No, today's today
Today is today and today is a special day for me
- Why is it special, honey?
Because today I will say goodbye to my crib and that's a special day for a kid. It's a special day for you, too, Mommy

Damn straight.

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