My Uniform Isn't Working Out

I am wearing my uniform today — black pants, black performance hoodie over a racer-back tank, running shoes and a ponytail. I put on this uniform almost every morning, hoping it will serve its purpose.

I fell out of my exercise groove and need to claw my way back out of this rut where I’ve been stuck, eating, for months. Maybe this week will be my turnaround week. Every week has that potential, but none has yet proven to be that week. I was going to start fresh at the beginning of the month, but something happened, I don’t know what, and the week came and went.

Today is Monday, and that always seems like a good day to start over, especially after a weekend of indulgences. A new creamery opened up nearby and I tried their candy cane ice cream yesterday. That was my fourth visit since they opened less than two weeks ago. Sweets aren’t usually my big downfall, but when it comes to rich, creamy ice cream that supports a local farmer, well, I just can’t resist. I want them to succeed. They need regular customers. I need to start running again.

It is decent outside and a good day to run. Weather can’t be my out. And I have plenty of time open if I don’t continue to whittle it away on my computer.

I’ve been in a writing rut as well, so I can’t use that as an excuse. Though I try my best by reading random tweets from other bloggers to learn more about how to build my online presence. I am waiting to hear back from a potential client, so I can’t really use work as an excuse either. Though I try my best by reading random articles to learn more about their online presence. All the while, my offline presence is rapidly expanding, stressing the waistband of my under-utilized uniform.

If I wait too much longer, it will be lunchtime and I will be too hungry to run. If I cave and have lunch first, I’ll be too tight on time and finish out the day, anxious and un-showered in my uniform, cooking dinner, wondering why I feel gross. It is now or never. Today needs to be the day. This week needs to be that week. My uniform needs to earn its next wash and I need to earn my next soft-serve.

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