Unions: Now Ok to Attack Women

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Remember when I posted about the lack of civility in Wisconsin from the union protesters?

Now a male union protester struck a girl. In DC. And she's a friend of mine.

While this would normally bother me because of the double-standard of civility on the left, this time it's personal. I get angry when you mess with my friends.

What happened?

The CWA was protesting outside of FreedomWorks office in a public area. My friend, Tabitha, was filming the protest on her iPhone. See what happens next:

Michelle Malkin has more.

The important thing is that Tabitha is ok.

Several reactions:

1. Union or not, in what universe is it ok for a man to strike a woman, grab her phone and throw it on the ground? You can clearly hear Tabitha's co-worker react in shock in the video.

2. Unions are out of control. While I have major issues with public employee unions, if you want to join a private sector union, that's your business. We're going to disagree, but once upon a time unions did help people in this country, which somewhat legitimizes their continued existence. Argue about right to work laws or collective bargaining, but this isn't the first time unions have engaged in thuggery. Why is this tolerated on the political left?

In light of the Tucson shootings, there should be collective outrage from anyone remotely left-of-center.

What's damning is that an elected official condoned this type of behavior toward tea party members, and you really don't get much more connected to the tea party than FreedomWorks.

This type of behavior: not acceptable. Under any circumstance. From any point on the political spectrum. Union or not.

Adrienne works in the conservative movement and blogs at Cosmopolitan Conservative.


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