Unique Facts On Coconut Water , Zico Could be IT

Frankly I wasn't at all shocked at all the great reviews about Zico coconut water. I learned that it is the purest water among the packaged ones available. But here are more facts about coconut water that everyone may not know YET. 

Ever heard of Bataan and Corregidor? I am sure that most History buffs have - but magine the scene then.. hot tropical climate, hunger, sores, the death march -- yet so many Americans survived that. Why? They drank coconut water and ate coconut "meat" because they had no choice. Most who were sick of malaria of dengue, did get well enough to survive the war and come home. 

Ask any World War 2 veteram what was used instea of IV then? Coconut water was used as intravenous drip then to help soldiers litreally live. It was called "the fluid of life".Without it, there would have been a lot less survivors in the Pacific, but the locals knew that coconut water could work as an emergeny intravenous fluid. It is not allergenic, and even shell shocked soldiers had to have the fluid because it happens to be rich is potassium, electrolytes and almost every nutrient the human body needed to survive despite overwhelming odds


Did soldiers know this even after the war? Certainly, but most would rather forget the angst and take on Coca-Cola after V-day which is perfectly natural. Some soldiers, however, cmae back many years later when they were diagnosed with a dreaded disease like HIV or Cancer and wondered if the same cure would work. Yes and No. Those who took Coconut water and ate coconuts survived longer and happier. There is also the case of Chris Wark who was diagnosed with colon 3 Cance and who claims that Coconut water and coconut saved him. Here is his blog.

 Zico Coconut water may be the nearest thing from the fruit itself (actually, some say it's a "nut") which is why the revuiews about it are astounding. There are also studies going on right now that claim that both coconut water and coconut oil can be considered alternative treatments , not only for Cancer, but AIDS as well. 

Can coconut oil reduce the viral load of HIV-AIDS patients? "Initial trials have confirmed that coconut oil does have an anti-viral effect and can beneficially reduce the viral load of HIV patients", University of the Philippines' Emeritus professor of pharmocology Dr. Conrato S. Dayrit said. You can read more about the study HERE

Why would anyone miss on coconut water when it could be the wisest "water" that can help you live longer or even cue you without you even knowing it. I say if anything is this good and well-researched, go for it! 









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