Universal Heart


 While test driving my Gurudev meditation rug, "the voice" came up with a question? I thought I had gotten through the veils, but I found one that had been created from this experience--a new veil.   This experience has completely rearranged my thinking and life will never be the same, so how do I fit back into Western Society?  The square peg in the round hole theory appeared to be at work.   If I stayed in an Eastern culture it would be the same only from a different aspect.  No regrets for the journey, but the reentry is a question mark.

 After mulling on it all day, I had a chance to ask Gurudev his thoughts.  He said that what I was saying was fact, but not to forget that all people's hearts are the same--even if the exterior looks different, society, way of life, beliefs, etc.   The absolute truth of human existence and its connection to the Divine.


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