Pet Corner: The University of Lucy

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In the University of Lucy, I am but a humble student. The lessons are pure and simple and as powerful as anything I've learned from the likes of Ghandi, even Oprah. At U of L, every day is an opportunity for a new insight, a life-changing concept and especially, a nap.

Lucy and I found each other through a local rescue group. A corgie/doxie mix, she’s a little dog with a huge heart who surely knows what life is all about.

  1. Get up early, crash by 10.
  2. Spend as much time as possible with the humans you love.
  3. Take happy, aimless walks.
  4. Be curious about the world around you.
  5. Treats are welcome after a job well done
  6. Shake it off.
Lucy and Mackie
Mackie and Lucy

Lucy and I have been buddies for 8 years. I have to say that she has been the most consistent being in my life. Not that I don't have lots of human friends and family - I swear I'm not the crazy dog lady - but Lucy is just special. I do have another dog, Mackie, who will be the subject of another post altogether one day. Suffice it to say that he is a
real character and well loved, but between you and me, Lucy is my favorite. Wow, I've never said that out loud before.

One day my daughter noticed a strange-looking mole on Lucy's belly. I took her to the vet and sure enough it was cancer. Luckily, we caught it very early and a simple surgery was all that was required, but it was scary. That's the problem with inviting a dog into your life -- chances are she'll leave this world before you do. But what's life without risk? What’s a day without those cute little eyes, a butt that won't stop wagging and a personality that could solve world peace? Not my kind of life, not my kind of day.


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