Unless You're the Cleavers, This is Going to Suck

A few weeks ago - for Science! - I took an informal poll on Facebook about divorce. According to Science, most of the folks I know are children of divorce, but I also know a few people who suffered though "stay together for the kids," some of whom went on to become adult children of divorce themselves. Amid the statistically inevitable chorus of "me toos!" when I write about divorce, at least one victim from the other camp will chime in.

"I agree," said one commenter, "but for the record, I had the "stay together for the kid[s]" parents and that was its own messed up situation.. just sayin' ;)"

Responses like this always surprise me, and I'm never sure how to react. I would never dismiss how difficult it must have been for kids who grew up underneath a barrage of flying flatware, but as a child of the opposite phenomenon, I will never know what it's like to grow up in a bent-but-not-yet-broken home. When someone assures me that my parents' divorce was maybe a sorta kinda Good Thing, I begin to wonder if they are under the impression that I grew up believing that my life would have been better sans divorce.

[Read the rest at The Crymes Syndicate! (with cartoons!)]


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