This past week I have been unmotivated and uninterested in anything to do with my blog. Early in the week, I went through "the motions" of interest. I even posted a new recipe on Wednesday, but to do so, I felt like I had to force myself. The first sign I had issues was last Sunday when I couldn't find it within myself to write my Sunday Summary.

Normally, when it comes to my blog, I don't lack energy, desire, or motivation. I love blogging and getting the work done, but not this past week. The past week was one lacking in interest, desire, and motivation. 

What was going on? Was this a result of long-term sleep deprivation? Was I so tired that I couldn't function? Or was it something else? Was it the Olympics? Was I so entranced by the Olympics I wasn't able to come up with blog topics or energy to blog?

After much reflection, and the decision to take a few days off--from blogging, promoting, or researching--I realized it was the first time I've had a break in months. Since October, I've been blogging at least 2-3 times a week without fail. In November, I took on the National Blog Posting Month Challenge and blogged daily. After the challenge ended, I continued my blogging routine. Holidays? I worked on my blog or my FB page or both. I didn't take time off.

My lack of motivation is now an obvious result of being a bit burned out. I needed a break. Once I realized that, I made the conscious decision to not work on my blog at all. I barely even acknowledged my FB page as well, because posting on that page is working as well. 

And you know what? I'm glad I took just a few days break. It wasn't a long break. Not in the least. But, it was a needed breather. I also realized that I need to take a day or two every week and not do anything related to my blog. A break is a good way to stay motivated, energized, and passionate about blogging.


Originally posted on Adventures of  Jayhawk Mommy


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