An Unsung Song

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Sandra Reynolds
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Sandra Reynolds
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The $120 Food Challenge

I write a recipe blog based on delicious budget-priced food for hungry families. Apart from a two or three paragraph introduction to each recipe, I barely reveal anything about myself or my life.

That changed when I wrote a series of personal posts in May and June last year.

At the time I was writing as part of a competition in which I was a Finalist in a series of posts that had nothing to do with food. Each week we were asked to write about a particular theme. This post, titled 'An Unsung Song' was about the theme of escape.

It was the first thing that came into my mind to write about, a deeply personal story I have not even shared with my family. I agonised about hitting 'publish', it was such a deeply intimate reveal about my life.

However, it is also the writing of which I am most proud. Thank you for encouraging me to share it with you here.