An Upcycled Skirt Made From a Thrifted Shirt

At this point some of my friends are starting to think that I have a problem with sewing.  I promise, I can quit anytime I want.  It's just that I don't want to right now.  And, since it is Skirt Week over at crafterhours I felt inspired to pump out some skirts.  This project is one of my favorites because it was quick, my daughter (actually) loves it (this is not always the case), and it was cheap :)

I found this shirt at a thrift store a couple of months ago thinking it would make a cute dress.  My very headstrong daughter had other ideas in mind.  She is so into skirts right now.  At first I was disappointed and tried to convince her that a dress is waaaay-cooler because I didn't think a skirt would give me much of a challenge or creative possibilities. All I would have to do it cut it off under the bibby-thingy and add some elastic at the waist... BOOOOWING! 


But then I got the idea to completely deconstruct the shirt so that I would lose all of the shirt's structure and would basically be working with small bits of fabric.

Read more about how I made Upcycled Skirt From Thrifted Shirt at MandyMade.


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