Upcycling the Family Jewels

I've never been a lady who's excited by diamonds and have only recently looked forward to wearing a wedding ring. That's just because I want to save the lone men trolling the aisles of Barnes & Noble for nerdy women the trouble of a pointless conversation. I assume they look for a wedding ring, I'm not sure that's true.

"Wedding Etiquette" happens to be right next to "Humor" at my local store, and sometimes I take a break from such titles as Emotional Fitness for Intimacy and pick up the likes of The Complete A**holes Guide to Handling Women, which asserts: "it's a well-known fact that a wedding ring attracts more women than a 'going out of business' sale at Bloomingdale's...every chick is instantly drawn to you like little hooker moths to a flame." I'm just guessing that a wedding band on a lady does not have the same magnetic effect.

My beloved and I got engaged during a late-night run to Taco Bell. It was a non-premeditated sort of deal and there was no ring hiding in my chalupa, thank God. We're pretty much on the same page with regard to the importance of wedding bands in our lives. We both want to wear one, but we can't see sinking a lot of money into jewelry right now. I figured we'd go the cigar-band route until the day we can afford it. That was until I mentioned this to my mother, who suggested we repurpose something from her ugly family jewelry collection. It might seem unsentimental, but melting down great-aunt Nora's brooch that never sees the light of day is a way of giving something with a family history new life. I was excited about the idea of designing something unique, but when I saw my grandmother's delicate engagement ring I knew it would work as-is. So my ring is taken care of, leaving my groom's to worry about.

I figured that I made a decision about what I want and he should have the same freedom. There's no need for us to match. He thinks something with a skull would be "bitchin." I assumed that was a joke. Later while he shopped for skull rings online, I expressed doubts about the appropriateness of skulls and such to which he responded "it's a romantic symbol of our bond until death." His ability to fabricate motivations custom-tailored to the interests of the accommodating party is something I enjoy. I've also heard it's one of the foundations of a healthy marriage.

I didn't anticipate that my ring would be the easier one to settle on, but is seems that the perfect man's wedding skull ring with gem-encrusted eyes might not exist until we invent it. So the family jewels might come into play after all.

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