Upcyled Mens T-shirt

Here is a top I made quite a few months back.  My husband's uniform has changed and he can't wear just black t-shirts anymore, score for me a plethora of black t-shirts to do with as I please!  Here is one that I made into a shirt for me, desperate to hide my post baby belly and live in leggings simultaneously this shirt was born...

obviously my head was not suitable for photographing this day!

Basically I cut the neck out and the hemming of the sleeves off and left them raw, this probably seems just lazy, but really I like the way raw knit just rolls and falls (maybe I like it because I am lazy, who knows?)  Then I measured my hips, where the shirt would fall (32" I think), divided that number in half (16") and that is how long I measured for the bottom of the shirt.  I centered my 16" along the existing bottom of the shirt (I left that hem alone) and drew a straight line angled up to where the sleeves connected like this...




Then I sewed along that line and cut off the excess shirt.   It seemed a little plain so I decided to freezer paper stencil a fleur-de-lis on the side.  And now it is my go to favorite, even now that I am mostly back to pre-baby size and no longer obsessed with leggings, it's hip and comfy and makes me feel good.  Now go, scavenge your hubby's closets and make something yours.


In Love,


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