Update on Laila

While I was sitting in carline today, waiting to pick my kids up from school, I got a call from Laila's social worker. She said that our all day visit with Laila can be this Saturday. I was thrilled because this is our son's birthday and she will get to experience a fun family day with us. She then floored me with her next statement. She told me that if all goes well at the all day visit Laila can move in next week! That is great news! The sooner we get her here the better.

We are supposed to call her foster mother tomorrow to set up the visit. I am a bit intimidated by this. Our social worker says that the foster mom speaks very negatively about Laila and I don't like that one bit. She will even speak about her when she is standing right there. Also, the foster mother is not happy with the fact that we are white. She wanted to know why a "white family would want to adopt a little black girl." Laila's social worker told her that adoption is adoption and basically refused to engage in the conversation. I'm hoping that these negative feelings don't make Laila uncomfortable. It's sad to me that a woman who thinks Laila isn't worth adopting and doesn't even love on her like she should would be concerned that she is being adopted by white people. She CHOSE not to adopt her. She was given the option. We want to adopt her and love her.

Anyway, that's the new plan. All day visit Saturday and moving in the next week. Keep us in your prayers!!

Blessed Mommy


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