Update on the whorin married man


Hey ladies

I'm sooo ready for this to go away, but thought that i'd update you on the goings on.   So after all the drama went down Saturday before last with the whorin married man.  The following Monday, it popped up again. 

While at work I received 5 calls back to back from a number that I didn't recognize.  I already don't answer calls from unrecognized numbers, but if you don't leave a voice-mail, you can hang it up.  The funny thing is that I knew it was her.  Even without picking up the phone, I knew it was her.  Who else would call me back to back five times without leaving a message?  But hey, i'm at work.  I don't need the drama of that phone call while i'm at work, plus the reception at my desk isn't great so i'd have to repeat things and maybe talk louder than usual and I don't need the whole office in my business.  Just my blogging friends.

Anyway, to sum it up, she text me and asked if I'd talk to or seen him since saturday because she wants to get a divorce.  I figured that this was just a little check-in and she just threw in the divorce thing to gain a little more info.  Somehow, without talking to her, I didn't believe it.  Not sure why she felt the need to throw it in.  Anyway, I assured her that I was out of the situation and even if he tried to contact me, it wasn't a big deal because i'm done.  I have no desire to speak to him or see him again.  I'm out.  I told her that if she decided to work it out, I wouldn't be a factor.  She simply said thanks.  I think that's all she wanted.  She just wanted to know that whenshe stayed, I would no longer be occupying his time.  Honestly, I hope that they come to a peaceful middle-ground.  We hadn't been dating that long, they have kids, I hope they find a good way to work it out whether it be together or apart.  But sadly, without fear of repercussions, I doubt that i'll be the last.

One thing that I got to ask is how she found out.  I'd been dying to know.  She said that she figured out that he was lying to her, to come see me.  Then she found out that he lied to his mother and wasn't where he was supposed to be.  The nail in the coffin is that she heard him talking to his friend about me, that's how she got my name.  So she went into his phone and read his text messages and BOOM!  It was on.  After reading his text, i'm not quite sure how he thought that he could lie.  Unless she hadn't told him about reading the text yet.  Either way, he's stupid.  What cheater doesn't delete the text?  I hope that I'm out of this little triangle.  If I happen to see him again, he won't even need sunglasses in the summertime because i'm throwing straight shade.


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