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Regina Lian, BlogHer Business Expert UPDATED: Intuit brought two handy hand-outs with them to their Ask the Experts segment, and they have graciously agreed to share them with the entire BlogHer community now that the conference is over. While these are focused on small business owners, I actually think many bloggers qualify as small business owners. If you consider your blog a platform to promote your ideas, skills or expertise, the you're a blogging business owner. If you're making money...whether with, from or because of your blog, then you're a blogging business owner.

So, here are the two handouts:

Word of Mouth Marketing for Small Business Owners

Intuit Survey of Small Business Owner Attitudes on getting through this economic phase


This year at BlogHer Business we're bringing back a very popular segment at least year's conference: Ask the Experts.

Imagine sitting down with an expert in their field, who is there solely to give you personalized advice on your burning questions...at no charge. Now, imagine a dozen of them, each focused on some different area of your business and blogging life that keeps you up at night.

You'd be like a kid in a candy store, right? OK, maybe a very geeky kid, and maybe it's more Fry's than a candy store, but it would be pretty cool.

So, you can expect a full list of experts soon, but for now I'll focus on one: Regina Lian.

Regina is a former senior finance administrator, with twenty-five years of finance and management expertise at corporate giants like Fox Video, Starbucks Coffee and Avon Products, who now focuses on helping small businesses grow.

For ten years Regina has run Financial Comfort® Inc., providing a wide range of business services, from bookkeeping to high-level financial management. Regina is dedicated to promoting financial literacy, so Financial Comfort expanded by creating a state-of-the-art finance and technology learning center in New York City.

Regina specializes in taking only 10 minutes to change your business life. Whether it's tax-related, investment-related, accounting-related...bring her your most burning question about how you could improve your business, and she will get right to the good stuff.

Ask the Experts is exclusively available to BlogHer Business attndees between 4-6PM on Thursday April 3rd. There will be three rooms of experts, including Regina. To grab your ten minutes with Regina, sign up here. There's only about a dozen open slots, and more than ten times that many attendees, so sign up, even if you can't yet decide which question is really #1.

Regina Lian's appearance in the Business Solutions Ask the Experts Room is sponsored by BlogHer Business Gold Sponsor, Intuit. Intuit logo

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