UPDATED VIDEO: Invite from Elizabeth Edwards: Ask your question, she'll answer here

UPDATE: Katy Chen, BlogHer's videoblogger for the 2007 conference, has uploaded most of Elizabeth Edwards' responses to the questions asked in Chicago on Saturday, July 28. Please see the bottom of this post for embedded links.

You're invited to ask Elizabeth Edwards a question in the comments below.

Saturday, at the end of Edwards' keynote conversation at BlogHer Conference '07, Edwards invited any bloggers with unanswered questions to ask them here. If you do, Elizabeth, as she prefers to be called, said she will respond here on BlogHer. She did offer one caveat, however: If you have a question that you would prefer to ask privately, she invites you to email her at elizabeth@johnedwards.com.

Given the number of hands in the air in Chicago (and perhaps also in Second Life?) when we had to call a stop to the conversation -- and the range of opinions I have heard since about our conversation on everything from politics to blogging -- I hope to see the discussion continue below!

A hat-tip to Silicon Valley Moms Blog for transcribing the conversation in their live-blog. If you find other live-blog links, I'd welcome them below. Thanks. Here's a viewer's guide to Katy's live-blogs:

Vlog 1by Katy Chen
Why Elizabeth Edwards came to BlogHer Conference '07 and what blogging means to her.

Vlog 2 by Katy Chen
Elizabeth Edwards talks about Ann Coulter and why she herself doesn't have a personal blog.

Vlog 3 by Katy Chen
In Part 3, Elizabeth Edwards finishes her statements regarding universal health care, Hillary Clinton, and raising taxes.

Vlog 4 by Katy Chen
Elizabeth Edwards answers questions about childcare and how to get young people involved in the political process.

Vlog 5 by Katy Chen
Elizabeth Edwards discusses Iraq, Rupert Murdoch, and how she reads blogs

Vlog 6 by Katy Chen
In part 6, Elizabeth Edwards answers questions about senior care, infotainment, and personal stories as the genius of blogging

Vlog 7 by Katy Chen
Elizabeth Edwards talks about the role of faith in her politics, and renewing her marriage vows with husband, John Edwards.


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