Updated: You in Ten Seconds: Join the BlogMe2007 Meme

They're ba-a-a-a-ck: The wonder women who brought us BlogMe last year have returned with another great meme for BlogHers to meet each other.

And so, once again I say: You. Need. This. Button. Whether you're going to BlogHer '07 or not. There are more than 13,000 women on this site who want to know you, girl.

Plus, it's easy and fun. Here's what you do:

1. Copy this tag into your post so we can find you:

<a href="http://technorati.com/tag/blogme2007" alt="blogme2007 introduction meme">blogme2007</a>

2. Intro yourself in a few short sentences (examples below).

3. Use the logo if you want some bling:

<img src="http://www.blogher.com/system/files?file=BlogMe2007Logo.JPG">

4. You're done!

The creator, Mocha Momma, launched the party yesterday by describing why she changed last year's ten-question interview into this year's ten-second self-introduction:

"[I]t really helped in knowing some things about the women I was going to meet last year at the BlogHer conference, but I was overwhelmed in trying to read everything about them. This year the number of women attending has doubled which means that much more amazing writers will get to mingle and learn from one another. What if I wrote a post that took 10 seconds to read and then you could go on your merry way or click on another attendees blog to read about them in 10 seconds? Wouldn’t life be much happier?

"That’s what I thought..."

Mocha closes with huge props to Blogger Rocks in My Dryer for the marvy logo, and then dives back in with her own ten-second intro. (Note: Don't worry if you have trouble getting to her site -- methinks her poor servers are groaning under her popularity :)

Folks are already diving in. Check out Assertagirl:

"When I was sixteen I was EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR at the McDonald’s restaurant I worked at..."

...and Leahpeah, in classic humor:

"Leah Peterson is a freelance and sometimes professional writer, photographer, artist and crafter. She is a compulsive starter-upper and now hosts two reading series, a craft-trading site and a blogger network. Leah also believes in sustainability, conserving resources and is herself made from 100% recycled material.

...and Blogography, whose testimony to La Mocha comes with logo:

"Because I love Mocha Momma more than life itself, I'm joining in..."
: Editor's note: Image removed.

So, kids, what are you waiting for? Tapping foot. Join in below, or participate on your own blog. I'll put mine below as soon as I post...


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