Updates and whatnot

It has been eight months since I blogged.  Way to go self!  However, many people probably wrote it off that the challenge was too hard.  I gave up or gave in.  NOT TRUE!  Good reader, yes there have been setbacks, but I haven't let a few missteps take me off the path.  I am just a terrible blogger.  I should have known from the stacks of partially used diaries that I for some reason still keep in a box in the closet.  Therefore, my next New Year's resolution will likely involve a resolution to blog.

Instead of failing miserably, this commitment hasn't really become as blogworthy as I had expected.  In addition to learning to be frugal and recycle, reduce, reuse, I have also most importantly learned to appreciate the things that I have.  And even get rid of things I didn't use.  Committing to only buying things used has actually over the course of the year made me buy less!  With all of the travel I have done thus far it has become even more apparent how much excess we have in life.  If I can survive four weeks on five outfits, why do I need an overflowing closet at home?  If it is not nice enough, important enough, or appropriate enough to take for an internship, is it really necessary to own?

Overall, Christmas is coming and I am still going strong.  Can I keep it up until next year?   I will try to let you know!

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