Upgrading Your Cell Phone Early

We have an awesome cell phone plan, but it wasn’t always that way.  Currently we have free caller id, visual voicemail, extra 5GB of data, call waiting, texting, etc, etc, etc……I have learned many things through many moves about how to get the best service, and deal on cell phone plans.  If you are itching to get the latest and greatest and are near the end of your current contract, there are many options available for upgrading your phone:

1.  Ask for the fee to be waived

2.  Ask for a discount on the new phone

3.  Ask to be able to renew your contract early, without penalty

4.  Ask for the same package and free bonus features on the new phone

5.  Ask for the same package on any additional phones you may be adding

6.  Call client retention at the end of your contract and see if they will give you a further discount, added bonus, or allow you to carry over your free features at no cost into your new contract.

If you are smack dab in the middle of your contract and have your heart set on the newest thing, you can always find someone to take over your existing contract.  the KEY to this is to make sure you add the new phone first and get your features added to it for free before you give up your existing contract.  If not, you will likely find yourself starting from scratch.

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