Uphill Both Ways

I'm a walker - I love walking,enough so that when I moved to the mountains of Arizona, I sold my car.  Fortunately, I live within blocks of Prescott's lovely Downtown area and a grocery store and Walgreen's so life is easy. What's NOT so easy is my walk  home as it is partially uphill on a pretty good grade. (This blog's title comes from the odd but true fact that leaving my home, I must walk uphill a half block to get to the downhill portion).

Today, with my two cans of Swanson's broth, FlipFlop Chardonnay, 12-pack Blue Bell ice cream cups - six Dutch Chocolate and six vanilla in anticipation of kid visitors at Easter, and coffee (for the adult visitors, as is the Flip Flop), I looked up that last half block and thought, 'oh man, not sure I can do this'.   I've said this before, trust me, but as before it came to me that this last leg of the journey, and one of the steepest before mercifully leveling off the last hundred yards to my gate, is a lot like life.  Sometimes we look ahead and shake our heads, wondering 'how in the world???'  But like this quotidian walk of mine, if we just take it one step at a time, we can and do make it.  Giving up would leave us nowhere. Just keep going.

This is definately from the heart as I look ahead with my livelihood threatened by 'budget cuts'.  One step at a time.  Awesome also to know we do not walk alone.

FYI: Product endorsements herein are not renumerated.  Yet.  


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