An Uplifting Perspective on the Financial Crisis

My Yoga Online has posted a new Green Living article by Greg Seaman, A Silver Lining to the Financial Crisis. With the media focusing on delivering endless streams of bad news and negative energy, this article offers a refreshing and uplifting perspective on how the current economic challenges offer opportunity for change economically, environmentally, and socially.

Silver Lining

It is all too obvious how difficult the financial crisis is for the average family. But the financial meltdown is an inevitable correction, which will result in a reality-based economic model and a return to healthier personal, family and social values.

As we look ahead to what economic forecasters are calling a protracted recession, it’s quite discouraging and anxiety-provoking. As the scope of the crisis widens by the day, we are seeing the global scale of the problem. The growing interconnectedness of commerce and culture is becoming more apparent. Across the globe, economists, political leaders and people in general have a shared objective – how to best navigate ourselves through this time of transition.

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