UPS is making grilled cheese now?


"Mom, the baby is eating the dirt in the flower pots! Don't worry though because he likes it!" - Ever helpful older twin brothers.

I didn't have time to make lunches this morning. It doesn't happen often and I get all kinds of stink eyes from Peter and my husband Jim if I tell them they are buying their lunch. Jim because he doesn't want to spend money on lunch and Peter because he is a food snob!

He comes home today and I ask him how the school lunch was today. His response, "They had grilled cheese. That's what they called it anyway."

If you read my post yesterday about the "exploding eggs on the farm" This is our Peter at my grandparents farm on his first birthday. Makes me smile.

I admit I am a little proud of my own grilled cheese, not that I make them often. I use a grill pan to get the lines, butter, creamy cheese, good honey wheat bread and then I sprinkle a little parmesan like you would sprinkle salt before I cut it. So I try to sound sad for him, (he appreciates me and loves my food and will never get married and leave me! this is my interpretation) "They always have other choices. Did you eat anything else?" Peter, "I tried to eat a banana from the cafeteria but it turned to powder in my mouth when I bit it. The school's grilled cheeses came out of a box. They got them from UPS. The box said UPS. No one should have to eat a grilled cheese that UPS made! I mean, I like UPS. UPS brings most of my favorite stuff to our house but they should NOT be making grilled cheese! Can we pack my lunch tonight?"

If you saw my "SUNDAY, SERIOUSLY?!" You will see that Peter likes it when we turn him into a sand sculpture (maybe not the mermaid but that's what you get for pestering.)

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The boy has to eat constantly. Judging from the pictures you see the kid will try about anything. If he says the sandwich was bad I will take his word on it. After all, he will even eat a tuna sandwich at school if I pack it, (chocked full of onions and egg and mustard) and he has no shame and even feels bad the other kids are eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I loved this

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