The upside of Man Caves!

My husband hates HGTV and most aspects of home design bore him to tears.  The one exception is entertainment electronics.  He's been grumbling about a noisy fan in our master bedroom for almost a year, and hasn't called anyone to fix it yet, but when the big screen TV went fuzzy recently, he was on the phone within an hour to find a repair tech! 

His ideal man cave would be a home theater room with all the bells and whistles.  That would be fine with me -- as the Abbott & Costello piece from his ex-wife will move out of our office and into that room pronto!  The mugs from around the world and Don Rickles-autographed hockey puck might find a home there, too!  

If you're sensing a decluttering trend here, you're not wrong.  A man cave frees your home of his sentimental, not always style-friendly, stuff!  You should embrace the man cave.  It lives in the unused room of your house, maybe a spare bedroom or basement.  It's where he relaxes with his stuff and his buddies.  It's where they put their feet up and ignore coasters.  Here's a guide to planning a man cave for your guy:


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