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A Paradoxical Bio

I’m a paradox. I am part small town girl– raised in a California mountain community of about 10 people where my dad was the
volunteer firefighter and I was the resident ballerina/motorcycle
rider– and part uptown girl having spent my adult life (thus far)
moving across the country to live in cities such as: Los Angeles,
Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco. Apparently I can sit still only
if I do it while moving around.

So, I mentioned that I’m a paradox (see aforementioned
ballerina/motorcycle rider), and it seems that I have been all my life.
As a child, I have one distinct memory of my mom and I winning some big
beauty pageant (I’m pretending I’m blase about this and that I don’t
remember our titles… mine was California State Miss La Petite and my
mom’s was California State Mrs… Oh yes…) and then the day after we
received our sparkley crowns and trophies taller than me, we headed out
to my dad’s off-road race where he won the Mint 400 (big weekend for
our family I guess). We went from glitter and gloss to grease and
grime. And it was fantastic. I’ve always been that person– I enjoy the
paradox (though my personality tests come out with rather interesting

I have worked (in no particular order) in the modeling industry, the
film industry, in antiques (mom’s store), in global media business
development (CNN), in digital media publishing/marketing, in commercial
real estate (very briefly), at major hollywood talent agencies (as
crazy as it’s reputed to be), as a writer, an editor, a dancer, a
reader (providing “coverage” for film scripts), and of course, as the
Gatorade girl at my father’s races.

I sound as if I’m either sound a ninety-year old woman or supremely
flighty… neither of which I am. Curious is what I am, I suppose. I
remember when I was little and grown-ups would lean down and get that
fixed adult-talking-to-child grin and ask what I wanted to be when I
got older. I would answer differently every time — pizza maker, dentist
(I actually said these two things while on stage in front of hundreds
of people)– until I finally figured out that what I really wanted was to experience what it feels like to be all of these different people. But how does a child explain to adults the desire to:

A. climb into my imagination and express what I see/feel/hear/smell/taste/experience,

B. have the excuse of investigating what it’s like to wear different hats, and

C. get paid to do both A and B.

(Interestingly, my career at the moment is not A or B but rather an iteration of C– I help writers to get paid)

My degree is in Studies in Consciousness, Metaphysical Philosophy, I
meditate (er…try to) every day, I do yoga and I really, really dislike
eating meat or fish (my parents eat meat. I don’t. I’m weird.) and I
love Sanskrit (words with feelings and vibrations?!). And on the flip
side, I love beer, scotch, riding on my dad’s Harley, pubs, and naughty
humor. I have been made fun of for wearing pearls while washing dishes
or watching rugby, I enjoy traveling as much as I enjoy coming home, I
read Ralph Waldo Emerson with just as much fascination as Nora Roberts,
and I’ve been known to get a ridiculous smile on my face when driving
in the car with the windows down and the heater up.

I’m a paradox.

So, I guess I say all of this to say that I hope you enjoy this
blog– it will be about how I experience the world as an uptown girl
with a small town spirit and my attempt to be a spiritual being on a
city sidewalk, so to speak. And if my paradoxical nature confuses you,
feel free to say (as they do so lyrically in Scotland), “Whu-ut?!”
(this is me saying exactly that)


Enjoy and may The Force be with you!


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