Urban Gardening: Progress!

I planted my urban garden three weeks ago.

and look at it three weeks later!

I’m so happy!

My cherry tomato plant, Charlie, is my pride and joy.  (When we bought him he looked like the sad Charlie Brown Christmas tree–you know, the last tomato plant, wilting and leaning over–so we named him Charlie.)

Look at Charlie now!

I read that once you see the flower, tomatoes are just two weeks away.

We’re realizing there may be an “eggplant situation” — meaning it should be long and thin (it’s an oriental eggplant) and probably will outgrown the pot –

so we need to keep an eye on it (the cilantro is growing well, too).

The kale is thriving.

as is the fennel.

The leeks don’t seem to look like leeks yet

(does anyone know the growing time for leeks?) but the herbs

(dill, parsley, basil and thyme) are abundant!

I watered my garden every day for the first 13 days and then mother nature took over this week.  While I grumble about how the rain keeps me from my outdoor triathlon training I certainly appreciate what it’s doing for my beautiful vegetables.

I plan to add a couple of planters to the deck this weekend. One for peppers and one for lettuce. 

How’s your garden doing?

JL writes the blog JL goes Vegan:  Food & Fitness with a side of Kale.  You can follow JL of Twitter.


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