The US Supreme Court vs. Moms

There is one exception to the "shrink the government" drumbeat.  In dozens of states,  governmental involvement in determining a woman's maternity has increased dramatically as those 205  new bills attest.  It does not stretch my imagination at all to see moving abroad where paid maternity leave is available and child care affordable and excellent.  It could be a savvy move for any mother desiring economic stability.  After all, nearly half of all births now in the US are to unmarried mothers.  Facing the headwinds of a culture in which they do not share power, or wealth, and encountering restrictions on fundamental decisions affecting themselves and their children, might be enough to blow those with talent, education, and good prospects over the border.  The consequences for the economy and quality of life in this country could be appalling.

Losing workers is bad.  Losing workers with children is much, much worse.  Are we sure this is the direction we should be headed?

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