Use me up


 To my surprise, I have to admit, I miss him. His kiss, his hugs, and his extra pocket money for those little things that I wanted that he would get for me.  So it was no surprise to me when he called me right after the last party.  The good thing is I didn’t answer it.  I let it ring and go straight to voice mail.  It rang again, his ring tone, the happy that he is calling me ring tone.  Good for me, I didn’t answer it. 

The only thing I was taking home from the party was the items that were ready to sell but we could not sell.  I was doing the weekly inventory, making a list of the items that sold the most and those that sold the least. Who did he think he was, calling me after I have spent the better part of the night with thick, dark, heavy and vibrating dildos in my hand.

I parked in my drive way and made the decision right then and there to do the inventory in the morning.  I was tired.  I had worked a full eight hours of work only to come home and shower, redress and head straight over to Daisy’s house. She along with the other sisters decided to do a party one hour away and it didn’t make any since for all of us to drive our own cars.  The party was off the chain, as most of them were.  The fun word tonight was “Hall Pass”.  I know it strange, how in the world did I work ‘hall pass’ into selling toys, lotions and potions? I’ll tell you about it next week.  See what had happen was…

I went into the house aned took a hot shower, put on my p.j.s and crawled into my bed.  Marigold called and asked for a beginner dildo to be placed on the list for one of her friends. I took a mental note and toss the cell phone to the other side of the room.  Shorty after Daisy call and wanted me to check to make sure all the batteries were taken out of the  toys.  She was half way through when she realize the toys were in her truck.

I needed to go to sleep. My eyes started to water and my mind started racing back and forth with some of the strangest things. I layed across the cough with all of the attention to go back out to the car to see if the item Turberose had text me was out there.  It wasn’t until her thride text that pulled my blue jeans over my hips, grabed the keys to my carand open the door.  With a push of the button I heard the car chrip and in a few strong long steps I was at the car pulling outthe bag.

Do you ever think of me?”

I turned around to see, of all people, him.  Ok it is not who you think it is, fifteen years is still fifteen years.  It was the guy that I used.  I know what you are thinking women don’t use men.  Well I did, I used him for sex, money and any other thing I could think of from 1989 to 1997.  Yes a few of those years overlap, don’t judge me. His name is Scott.

“Can I come in?”

Oi took a dep breath and thought it over for a split second.  I needed him even if it was just for one night.  Hell, who wants a night, I just want a half an hour.

“Come on.” I said.  I took the bag out of the car and the two of us walked into the house.

“Get naked.” I said. “This shouldn’t take long.” I started to take off my top and kick off my shoes.

“I don’t love you anymore.” He said.

“Who said anything about love, all I want is the sex.” I stood in front of him naked as the day was long.  It’s a good thing that he didn’t seem to care about the extra pounds that are gathered up around my body.

He took off his clothes and sat on the couch.  I reached into the bag and retrieved a few things.

  1. A box of glow in the dark fruit flavored condoms.
  2. Cherry flavored lube that warms up when blown upon (Licking works too)
  3. A large, thick dildo (a very expensive one, $300, they love to look at it)
  4. A bottle of gin from my sister’s car


I was glad to try this sex only thing again with him.

I don’t know what you want to hear about next – our wild one night stand or how I used “Hall Pass” as the fun word.

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