Kitty Deschanel

My Sexy Nerd and I have been married since 2008. I'm addicted to blogging. He's addicted to Nascar. Well, actually, he's addicted to any kind of racing. Did you know (and can you believe) that there's a "race" on Speed Network where the driver's wife sits in the driver's seat while the pit crew pushes the car? Sexy Nerd spent the entire afternoon watching it! This is exactly why I blog.

Not "Baaad" Sundays Blog Hop

Better late than never, right? P.S. I'm feeling much better. I think my bummed-out mood was mostly caused by a weird health thing that happened last week (not that turning 30 wasn't kind of a bummer too though, but it's nothing a little cake and birthday freebies can't fix!) ...more

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me

I've been depressed lately, which I know is stupid and doesn't make any sense, but I can't shake it. There was even a party for me at work yesterday and I couldn't enjoy it. Afterward, my coworker asked if I felt like I could burst into tears at the drop of a pin ....more

Easter Nests Recipe

Easter is nearly here! Have you tried my Peeps Nest yet? "Peep! ...more

Blog Hop! Blog Hop! Blog Hop!

It's almost my birthday (it's a big one!) and Sexy Nerd has agreed to put up with whatever I want to do. Soooo...what should I do? So far, I've come up with 'lunch at Golden Corral' (he hates the Golden Corrals here in Albuquerque and never agrees to eat there.) That sounds fun, but I think I may need to dream a little bigger! ...more

Seattle Photos...Eventually!

I uploaded my photos to this blog post when we returned from our Alaskan cruise, then saved it as a draft, planning to come back later that week to add captions. That was almost a year ago ....more

Springtime Blog Hop

The weather today in Albuquerque is glorious! I just awoke from a nap in the hammock. Have a fun weekend, bloggy friends! ...more

Who's Ready to Blog Hop? :)

Guess what? We're going to London! Guess what else? ...more

My Puppy Died

I don't feel much like blogging today. ...more

Guest Bedroom Tour

Remember my post about getting our guest bedroom ready? You don't? Oh, I suppose it has been a little while ....more