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Top 5 Things You Should Care About From CES 2015

Well, CES 2015 is a wrap. Other than the two day recovery time from traveling from coast to coast, I truly had a BLAST!I'm still recovering from last week's event's, but I had a really good time. I even extended my flight to a later time so I could get to the show floor to see some items that I missed. Next year, I'll make sure to stay a bit longer. As I've had a week to reflect and test all the goodies I received while at CES, I decided to compile five things you should care about from the years show....more

Net Neutrality 101: What You Need To Know

To be honest, I’ve been meaning to write this post for 6 months but I wanted to make sure I fully understood what Net Neutrality was and how it would affect everyone. As we see ruling being pushed and data STILL being throttled in 2014, I figured I’d sit down and give a quick Net Neutrality 101....more

You Can't Say NO to GoldieBlox

Who says girls don’t want to build and have an interest in construction toys?This week, GoldieBlox set the tone that once again, ____ toys aren’t just for boys! Here’s a little backstory on GoldieBlox....more

Kickstarter Alert: Hello Ruby!

As you may or may not know, I've been on the learn to code journey (consistently) for almost a year! On June 13, I attended a RailsGirlsDC workshop and fell head over heels in love with the language. I connected with so many great women and coaches and I've been working hard to get my app to market since then.Anyway, I ran across an Kickstarter for children called 'Hello Ruby' by Linda Liukas (who is AWESOME!) and I immediately wanted to know more about this project....more

Bitcoin 101: Why You Need To Pay Attention

In the news and all over the web, people have been chatting away about the latest in online currency, Bitcoin. If you are anything like me, you've been wondering what in the world is this thing?Well…wonder no more. Check out my musings on the elusive currency and why you need to pay attention....more

Are You Ready For Winter Travel?

Happy New Year! 2013 was an amazing and eye-opening year for myself and I know that there is more great things to come. Stay tuned :)...more

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Can you remember the first time you turned on a computer? Most people don't so let's make it easier.Do you remember the first computer game you played? I do. It was the lovely Carmen Sandiego and I LIVED for the moments in 2nd grade when we had "computer time". Well, I was happy for anything that allowed me to spend time away from the cramped desks and glue eaters of Seaton Elementary.If you are reading this post, thank you. But, I also want you to take the time to thank Ada Lovelace....more
@Velvet S. Thanks for reading!more

What To Do With My Old iPhone?

I have a little known secret: I still have every iPhone i've ever bought. I remember it just like it was wasn't. I was in summer school in undergrad and the iPhone had just released in my area. I stood in line for what seemed hours before I dropped my entire summer savings on the iPhone. Looking back, I could have just waited until someone else bought the 3G....but I just HAD to have it!...more

Terrible Two’s! It’s a Celebration

Did you know? City Girl Goes Digital turned TWO today! Welcome to the Terrible Two's...It all started with this little known post about my obsession for technology and love for my current city, Baltimore!...more

Four Shows You Aren't Watching On Netflix

For a cord-cutter, Netflix is EVERYTHING. I watch everything from documentaries about our energy consumption to classic children cartoons (Remember Hey Arnold?) . One thing that I've been hankering for lately is television shows. After following some of the suggestions of my Blerd family, I was recently introduced to some goodies. So without further ado, Here's four shows you aren't watching on Netflix....more
I agree with everyone! My go to shows are all BBC and Syfy/Showcase shows. I love them.more