Do You Give Yourself Enough Time & Space?

You promised yourself that you’d leave the office at a sane time for the upcoming weekend or that long-awaited vacation, but do you?  Or do you try to do “just one more thing”? Sound familiar? You decided to be your own boss because you wanted freedom and flexibility. But, are you giving it to yourself? ...more
It actually depends on what type of business that you are in. I have had multiple businesses ...more

How to Optimize Marketing Images for Facebook Graph Search

If you use Facebook to market your business, it can feel like things change so fast that you don't even realize you're behind! This post from Little Tech Girl helps you optimize images for the new Facebook Graphic Search in this post. ...more

Should You Say Yes to All Business Opportunities?

"Any business is better than no business." This is simply not true. Some business is not worth your time or energy. Some business will actually be detrimental to your business as a whole. So, how do you choose wisely? How do you know who are your ideal peeps? Darlynn from Little Blog Dress gives us some insights in this post. ...more
Ever since I held a crayon in my hand, my Mother said she "noticed something about me". Ever kid ...more

Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Employer's Logo for Cash Bonus?

I know times can be tough and companies are always looking for ways to motivate employees, but when I saw this recent business news (which I mentally filed to the "crazy column of corporate antics") I was amused. Tracy Davidson from NBC-10 Philadelphia asked the question on her facebook page: ...more

Save Time with Regular "System" Maintenance

Preventative maintenance. Also known as system maintenance, sharpening the saw, and taking care of the golden goose. We often give it lip service but skip it and then kick ourselves later. This post on things you can do to keep your system up and running (particularly in an online world!) from Paula Eder, The Time Finder, will help you save time in the long run and give you peace of mind. ...more

Adapting. It Can Be Time Consuming

Whenever life upends you with something, adaptation (and resilience) are crucial. My friend and colleague Debra Woog has been in a major upheaval dealing with a diagnosis of diabetes for her young son while juggling the demands of being a business owner. Her heartfelt and vulnerable posts have been very powerful for working moms everywhere. I wanted to share this one on adaptation with you. ...more

How to Develop a Mindset of Mastery

Everywhere you turn there is a quick-fix for this, shortcut for that, or wild promise about building your six figure business by the time commercial break ends on your favorite show. Hype and instant satisfaction follow us everywhere. Yet there is something to be said for the idea of mastering something - your craft, running your business, or service. There is no shortcut to expertise much like there is no shortcut for fine, aged wine. It takes time and attention to the fundamentals coupled with a lot of patience and trust. This post from bestselling author Pamela Slim breaks down 10 ways to create your own mastery mindset. ...more

4 Ways to Grow Your List of Prospects

When you own your own business you must constantly be working to grow your list of prospects. It's called keeping your pipeline full. If you don't take consistent action your numbers will simply dwindle over time. In this post Linda Daley shows you 4 ways you can continuously and consistently grow your list. ...more

Over-Giving: Are You Putting Your Business at Risk?

Lately I've been on a weekly pilgrimage to a local microbrewery to try their new beers and fill my growler. While I'm not a huge beer drinker (more of a wine geek), I like good and interesting brews. I particularly love this brewery for their innovative creations. Their friendliness is a huge boost as well. They are up and coming and growing fast with a loyal following. Recently while I was sipping my samples, the owner was having a conversation with someone who stopped in looking for a donation for an upcoming event and my ears perked up as I overheard some of what was said. ...more
@Kristen Daukas Oh good for you!  I wrote all about that "pick your brain thing"... you might ...more

Success: It's Not About the Destination

We've all read the quote about how it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Success is in the process, the road that leads to where we're going. Most of us nod our heads, agree, and then go about marching headstrong toward the destination without noticing much along the way. That's why I truly love this post from Denise Wakeman about success being a journey. Not only did she live this truth on a personal and visceral level, she is now bringing that same energy to her work. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak about her epic journey in person as part of a live conference a few weeks ago and truly wanted to share it with this community. ...more