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5 Kids' Books About Nature That Adults Can Love Too

We read books about a LOT of different topics. But there are some topics that may not come up when you're asking "What do you want to read about next?" In our house, "nature" would never be one of the answers to that question! However, the following children's picture book about the natural world have been hugely popular at our house, for kiddo and grownups alike ....more

10 Comics About Growing Up

Many people hear "comic books" and think "superheroes" and/or "kids," but the graphic novel format is being used to tell a variety of stories. Autobiographical, memoir, and "slice of life" comics, written for a grownup audience, seem to have exploded in the last few years... or maybe that's just when I caught on? ...more

The Worst Witch: Kids' Book Giveaway!

When the folks at Candlewick Press offered to help me host a giveaway of The Worst Witch series by Jill Murphy, it didn't take me long to say yes! In our family we love Halloween-themed books, and we love finding well-written girl characters. Mildred's not a bad kid, but things just don't seem to go right for her at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches! ...more

The phone call you don't want to make

Hearing people yelling in the street near our loud neighbors' house, I pull back the office curtain to check it out... C-Man: I think it's basketball. Me: Football ....more

10 Spooky and Monster Books for Kids That Adults Can Love Too (Even After Halloween)

We basically celebrate Halloween year round in our family, and I know we're not the only ones. Monsters, witches, and other spooky stuff are just fascinating to some kids. (Okay, I confess, to some grownups as well!) So we've read a ton of spooky, monster, and creature books, but for this post I've narrowed it down to the best - the ones I'd recommend that even adults read for entertainment, and that Boy Detective came back to again and again ....more

Sometimes you just have to move on...

Dear All The Songs I Am Deleting From My Computer's Hard Drive, It's not you! I'm sure you're just as thoughtful, well-crafted, and entertaining as you were when I started listening to you 25 years ago. Or 10 years ....more

Wadjda: A film about how things change

When it comes to renting movies, I have a list of the next 10 films we're going to watch. C-Man, on the other hand, likes to browse. Especially in the new arrivals section ....more

A Boy and His Fortune Wookiee Have A Chat

Overheard from the front seat, where I was driving along minding my own business... and only Boy Detective was in the back. Or so I thought ....more

6 Kids' Books About Dragons That Adults Can Love Too

Dragons get more attention than fairies in children's picture books, and there's less of a marketing machine behind them, so it's a bit easier to find good kids' books about dragons. Here are our favorites! They're good enough that I'd recommend any of them to an adult for a light enjoyable read, and they're kid-tested as well ....more

9 Wonderful Comics with GLBTQ+ Characters

Clearly, comics with queer characters are about things other than being queer. So I could have put every one of these into a more "topic" focused comics post. But this group of comics stood out so sharply for me as happiness-increasing portrayals of non-heterosexual folks, that I couldn't resist making a friendly post with all of them together ....more