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Soapbox: Hot Cars and Free-Range Parenting

Making Choices On one weekend morning last winter while getting ready to head out for errand running and romping at an indoor play...more

A Matter of Policy: The Repeal of DADT


The List: Countering Tragedy with Information

Birthday WishesFor our family, this week was a week of celebrating Darling 1's 5th Birthday; having fun with family in Texas and cross-c...more

Mourning a Loss: Processing Divorce

Mood Swings I've been in a funk lately. A few weeks ago I was in denial. Last week I was deeply sad. This week, I'm angry....more

Should He Stay or Should He Go Now? The Kindergarten Question

The Question Many people have asked me why we decided to send Darling 1 to school this year rather than wait until next year....more

The List: Lessons from Mater

On Saturday morning, after months of talking about it and counting down the days, we went to the theater to see Cars 2. Our State Farm insurance agent had reserved a theater for a special viewing for her clients....more

When Insurance Fails: Resources for Free Vaccines

Insuring Nothing ...more

Getting Stuck for a Sticker: Reasons to Get Vaccines

Advancing in Age ...more

To Vaccinate or Not: The Legal Requirements

Brother's Keeper ...more

Sunburn ....I mean Summer Memories: Tips for Playing it Safe in the Sun

summer is fun and most of us love the sun and the tan.more