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The No. 1 easiest way to get paid more

Consider this a PSA for knowing what you’re worth and asking for more when you do more work. In June, I earned 25%...more

8 dumb things I did in college that helped my writing career

Congratulations college graduate! If you’re looking for a job, you might think that you learned everything you need to know in the classroom. Not true ....more

Writing advice from William Zinsser’s classic, On Writing Well

William Zinsser died on May 12 in his home in New York City at the age of 92. Zinsser was one the best writing teachers I never had — thanks to “On Writing Well,” his classic guide to writing nonfiction (that’s also the book’s tagline). On the occasion of his passing, I’m sharing this post that I wrote a while back about my favorite advice from his book ....more

Introduce yourself to land work: why freelance LOIs matter

Consider this a public service announcement for letters of introduction. At a friend’s recommendation, I wrote a letter of introduction – LOI in freelance lingo – to the editor of a just-launched personal finance website. I never heard back, forgot about it, and later read somewhere that the editor I’d written to left to do other things ....more

SABEW talk recap: The business of running a freelance business

In many ways, running a freelance writing business is like running any other kind of small business: you have to show up on a regular basis, do the work, satisfy the customer, and collect for your efforts. That’s the nutshell version of advice I shared earlier today on a Society of American Business Editors and Writers teletraining about working as a freelance business journalist. Thanks to SABEW for inviting me and the...more

Analyzing freelance writing income: the case for diversifying

Interesting trends in my freelance writing business for 2014. I’ve started to use the term editorial services business because it does a better job of describing what I do –read on and you’ll see why. That’s a lot of bosses! ...more

Content marketing, multimedia storytelling and me

Say “content marketing” to freelancers, and the first thing they think is probably not a long feature story beautifully designed with video sidebars, photo illustrations and graphics. That would be...more

I’ve been cheating on you with another blog

I’ve been having an affair, and it’s about time that you found out. Since August, I’ve been cheating on you with another blog. It was intense while it lasted ....more

Freelance soundtrack: Everybody Wants You

Editor’s note: This is the latest...more