Michelle Rafter

Michelle Rafter


What I created on my summer vacation – no writing, but lots of good eats

On my summer vacation, I did absolutely nothing – nothing related to work, that is. I biked, hiked, swam, rafted, read and spent time with people I love. And I cooked ....more

When editors just aren’t that into you

You may be doing everything right and still never...more

Longform story techniques any writer can use

You don’t have to specialize in longform to borrow techniques of the genre, and if you’re going to borrow, you might as well borrow from a...more

Freelancers love their office buddy pets

Stephanie Suesan Smith shares her office with Sandy, an Australian Cattle dog. Freelancers love their office buddy pets. After I shared the story of losing Riley, our family’s fox terrier and my faithful office companion for the past 14 years, I heard from freelancers, writers and other work-from-home types about the office buddies in their lives ....more

3 ways to use Twitter to follow an event

If you’re participating in an event, going to a conference, or just watching from the sidelines, Twitter’s a great tool for keeping up with what’s happening. The social network offers multiple methods for folllowing...more

The 2014 FLX/WordCount Blogathon blogroll

Here they are, the approximately 100 bloggers who signed up for the 2014 FLX/WordCount Blogathon to post every day in June. This year due to my work schedule, we’re making the Blogathon a DIY affair — no frills, just lots of writing, friendship and fun. To that end, I did the blogroll as a simple Excel spreadsheet, alphabetized by last name ....more

Grab 2014 FLX/WordCount Blogathon logo here

If you’re participating in the...more

25 more ideas for daily blog posts

Blogging every day isn’t as tough as it sounds. You just need a plan. You definitely need a plan if you’re participating in the better-late-than-never, DIY 2014 Freelance Success/WordCount Blogathon, which challenges you to post every day for a month, starting June 1 ....more