Two Easy Vegan Pizzas Under 15 Dollars

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got something special for you. This is a post by my daughter, Adee ....more

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich Cookies

Shawn’s sister was coming to spend the night with us and I needed to make something special. I make food to show people how much I love ’em. I know, it’s a problem, but what can I say? ...more

Smoky Chipotle Hummus

One of our favorite go-to recipes in the summer (and all year round) is this Smoky Chipotle Hummus. The thing is, it’s perfect to serve to guests, but is also a great family treat any day of the week! Adee is home for the summer (insert my happy dance here) and she’s been spending a little more time in the kitchen ....more

Vegan Chocolate Cherry Jello Shots

In your search for full-on summer recipes, make sure you keep this...more

I’m Diggin’ It

It’s been another busy week behind the scenes here at Namely Marly. Adee and I have been working on a fun DIY project centerpiece for our upcoming family reunion that corresponds quite nicely with Fourth of July. We love this centerpiece so much we might just have to share it as a blog post as well ....more

Bulgogi Jackfruit Street Tacos

With warmer weather on the horizon, we can’t help but think of recipes that require less time in the kitchen, and more time outside. That’s why these Bulgogi Jackfruit Street Tacos are a perfect summertime recipe…although we would eat them all year long. I had a hard time embracing the whole street taco thing because every time I saw them, they were served with meat, or cheese, or some other thing I wasn’t too interested in eating ....more

Vegan Almond Joy Coconut Bites

I have a theory. There’s no flavor combination that can compete with creamy coconut paired with delicious...more

Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Today’s recipe comes just in time for summer because this Brussels Sprouts Slaw, is perfectly paired with your favorite summertime veggie burger! If you would have asked me a few years ago if I liked Brussels Sprouts, I might have given you that...more

Vegan Memorial Day Recipes

It’s Memorial Day on Monday and in addition to paying our respects to the people who have served our country, many of us will take the opportunity during the national holiday to spend time with our families. Oftentimes that will include a picnic or two. And if you’re vegan or having someone with a vegan diet coming to your dinner, you may be looking for some great Vegan Memorial Day Recipes ....more

Vegan Loaded Nachos

Sometimes life delivers deadlines, graduations, meetings, and just generally too much to do all in the same day. It’s enough to make a person want to kick back with some comfort food. That, my friends, is what these Vegan Loaded Nachos are all about ....more