Shannon Des Roches Rosa

I'm the BlogHer Contributing Editor on parenting children with special needs, and I'm at your service. 

I've got three kids -- one of whom is autistic -- so the current playlist has parenting on heavy rotation. I am a kick-ass writer and editor, and have been blogging fearlessly and compassionately about parenting and autism since 2003, at I'm also a co-founder and senior editor at  Thinking Person's Guide to Autism.

My work as an autism parenting and iPad advocate has been profiled in The New York Times, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, PBS Parents, SF Weekly, and SF Gate. My radio interviews on autism parenting and blogging include KQED Forum, KCUR Central Standard, and News Talk KIRO. I've edited several anthologies and contributed stories to numerous books, including the award-winning My Baby Rides the Short Bus. I frequently speak at conferences, including BlogHer and UCSF Developmental Disabilities.

I'm an unabashed geek, so my enthusiasms often outstrip my social skills. But I'm always happy to answer (and ask!) questions.

My Blogs

The Bloody Shirt

Routine FTW [Image Description:Close up of young man with beige skin& curly short brown hair, looking pensive.] We just returned from a San Diego vacation -- essentially Camp Grandma. These visits are generally golden times, especially during the summer when we spend large parts of our days as ocean-dwelling dolphins. My mother kindly lets our crew invade her close-enough-to-the-beach-to-walk home several times each year, so we've established routines like daily morning walks to the three round trip miles Best Coffee in San Diego, where Leo's parents can get caffeinated and Leo himself can get a scone.On our very first day, moments after this happy yellow shirt shot was taken, Leo tripped over a bump in the path ....more

One Healthier Autistic Dude

Last year at this time, Leo met with an endocrinologist to assess his health. Partially due to the medication he takes to help him manage his anxiety, he had elevated blood sugar and triglycerides. The first put him at risk for diabetes, the second for pancreatitis ....more

Beach Day at "Camp Mom"

The kids have the entire week off. All three of them. No school, no camps, no travel, just quality time with their favorite mother/drill sergeant ....more

Trampoline Exuberance and Bickering Death Match Time

Summer starts today! For Leo, anyhow. His sisters have been out of school for two weeks, doing their best to keep the tradition of Bickering Death Matches alive and well and my heart rate proportionately elevated ....more

Surrounding My Autistic Son With Community That Matters

When I think about my son's future—and that includes his future without me, seeing as autistic kids, like most kids, tend to outlive their parents—there are three things I desperately want for him: 1) I want Leo to be known and loved in his community. 2) I want Leo to be understood and accepted for who he is. 3) I want Leo's personal wishes respected. ...more
Such a great post. Thank you.more

On CBC Radio: Speaking Out When Autistic Children Are Murdered

I was interviewed last month by the CBC's George Baker for the Daybreak North radio show, about the murder of autistic teen Robert Robinson at the hands of his mother Angie. Lara Lohne graciously transcribed the interview, and I am posting it here for those who wish to read rather than listen. I have edited the transcript for clarity and grace, e.g., to remove my "erm"s and overuse of "right?," etc ....more

Happy! Because of IMFAR & Despite Trial By Fire (Yes, Literally)

Image: Selfie of me & Leo. We are a pale-skinned, dark-eyed duo. His hair is curly &brown, mine is short & red ....more

Don't Think Twice It's Alright

One of our family's favorite people passed away yesterday. H. was almost 81, and he'd been unwell for a too-long stretch, and we're going to miss him like hell.When Seymour and I moved here 20 years ago, we did so via a meandering drives across the country. We started in Brooklyn Heights in a moving van packed with Seymour's worldly goods and his pet snakes ....more

Crime, Punishment, and a Toca Boca Event!

Bjorn gives Mali a personal demon ofan at-that-time unreleased TocaBoca app. Hey locals, Toca Boca's co-founder and CEO Bjorn Jeffrey is in town tomorrow, giving a workshop at Community Gatepath! Details below, and you should go ....more

Spring Break 2014

Spring break was two weeks ago, but, as happens every year, the slipstream of Autism Acceptance month is hard to escape -- whether speaking out on CBC radio against justifying the murders of autistic people like Leo, joining autism tweetchats, talking with Yahoo! Tech and BabyCenter about autism, speaking out on about what I'd like people to know about Leo, guest blogging about autism and vaccines for my friend Sili, or co-producing TPGA's Autism Acceptance Month autistic interview series.Those are the kinds of things that kept happening instead. But since I've been doing almost no journaling here, I do want to at least put up a quick photo record of a most excellent week ....more