Things I'm doing instead of working on my Resume...

There are probably thousands of reasons why I should be working on my resume right now with the top reason husband said "do it!"......more
BeccaParson I'm proud you got the book gig...I'm trying hard to figure out how to get a job at ...more

When It's 9PM Here, It's 6AM in Fallujah--2013

I don't know anything that I could do or say about our Veterans then what I said last year about  my stepson's service in the Marines.  Tomorrow is somewhat of a sacred day for my family, we thank God for our son, and pray for all the families who have loved ones in our countries service.  May God bless all our Veterans, past and present.   This is my husband's son, my stepson Mark. (He's the one in the middle of our 2007 Christmas photo.)...more  Semper Fi my dear friend!more

The Dog is having a bad day, and other dog adventures...

There is no dog food sale that justifies the constipation the dog is going to suffer when you change his food...this is probably the main reason our dog is having a bad day....more
HomeRearedChef Cindyhuber elaineR.N.  I LOVE you girls too!!!!!more

Nothing to say...

I have been sitting in front of this computer now for almost an hour with nothing to say...which is simply incredible if you know me, but explainable if you realize that 3 days ago I decided to sign up for NaBloPoMo on Blogher and almost immediately ran out of ideas...I'm not sure that counts as a coincidence or not. Deciding to write a blog a day for NaBloPoMo gives November a sense of purpose for means that it's not just a cold, dark month with nothing to do but go to work or nap...Now it's a cold, dark month where I blog about going to work and napping!...more
elaineR.N.  The game site actually came with my computer...It's in the Windows symbol at the ...more

My Love letter to the F word...

If I was being forced to write an assignment on what word I've gotten the most use out of in my life, I'd probably get the paper sent back to me with a big F across the top;...more
HomeRearedChef  Isn't that wild Virginia, my husband doesn't swear either...and I have periods ...more

Emails from Heaven

I really don't know how to start this other then to say losing my mom has been a lot like I would imagine falling off a cliff would feel. I recently checked my facebook posts from last year, and just about every post started out "please pray for my mom"--OR--"My mom is in ICU again..." And then there were all the emergency trips to Iowa. ...more
recipeaddict  Hi Jennifer, I tried and tried to prepare myself for losing my mom but it didn't ...more

If you're easily offended by everything, don't read this...

Recently I've noticed that there are a certain amount of people who are easily offended by just about everything.  These people offend me.This week's chief offender is former Dancing with the Star Julianne Hough who dressed up for Halloween as some character I've never heard of, from some reality or TV show I couldn't care less about...but from what I've read, this character is apparently black.  ...more
elaineR.N.  I think we've used the word racist so much that our kids are going to be ill ...more

Morphine and Cable...Spending a week with my mom in hospice

Morphine and Cable...Spending a week with my mom in hospice Well, this is going to be a weird post....more
@Booloodoojoy  Thank you so much for your note!  I so totally know what you're talking about and ...more

Unsolicited Advice for girlfriend of commit phobe boyfriend

You know what's really awesome about getting older, besides menapause, and a second chin,  and being excited about jeans that have lycra...It's the realization that you know everything there is to know about life, friends, ex-husbands, old jobs and co-workers, and, of course, your children.  And better yet, you have an opinion to share, so even if I'm unsure about the answer, I always have wikopedia, but more often then not, even if you don't have a question, guaranteed, I will have an answer for you.Serious....more
@HomeRearedChef  I didn't know anything or have any answers until I hit 50!more