Sue Kerr


Trans Day of Remembrance

Today, we acknowledge and commemorate the lives of our trans siblings & neighbors who have lost their lives to violence this past year via the Trans Day of Remembrance #TDOR....more

Her Name Was Dalia Sabae

On Thursday, we learned that a police officer responding to a domestic call in the suburban borough of Canonsburg had been fatally shot. Another officer was seriously injured in the exchange of gunfire. The gunman then murdered his pregnant wife and killed himself....more

A White Lesbian Responds to Beyonce's 'Formation'

This won't be the post you expect.Let me open by saying that while I enjoy Beyonce's music, I've never really listened to her catalogue. I admire her politics, especially her stance on feminism and I appreciate her artistry. But I never really moved past admiration to engage her art.Until Saturday....more

Diane, 56, Is Asexual With Lesbian Leanings and a Writer #AMPLIFY

 Name: DianeAge: 56County of Residence:  AlleghenyPreferred Pronouns: she...more

This Lesbian Supports Hillary Clinton for President

Let me be clear - if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, I will vote for him. I will enthusiastically support him. No hesitation, no bitterness, no hissy fits. Just pragmatic decisions to keep the country moving forward. It is ridiculous to think otherwise. However, I think Hillary is the better candidate. And I don't have to explain why....more

As a Lesbian, Shelly Values Her Ties To Rural Indiana County #AMPLIFY

Name: ShellyAge: 33County of Residence:  Indiana, previously ButlerPreferred Pronouns: She, her...more

Dani Janae, 23, Identifies as a Black Femme Lesbian Poet & Trauma Survivor #AMPLIFY

Name: Dani JanaeAge: 23County of Residence:  Allegheny, attended college in Crawford CountyPreferred Pronouns: she/her...more

Happy Ninth Blogiversary to Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

I remember sitting in our attic at my PC thinking “What should I say?” immediately followed by “Who will read it?” And then I wrote this first blog post in 2005. ...more

Elf On The Shelf and The Legend of Belsnickel

Elf on the Shelf is creepy. The face, the disproportionate limbs, the mythology dating back to the mid-1990s -- it is all creepy, commercialized and secularized. Obviously, it is destined for greatness.The history of Christmas as a holiday and tradition is rife with cultural appropriation, secularization and lots of red-n-green washing. Trees became mainstream thanks to Prince Albert (German) bringing the tradition to England when he married Queen Victoria. Germans carried the tradition elsewhere as well, including into the Church!...more

12 Lesbian Thanksgivings

This year, Ledcat and I will celebrate our 12th Thanksgiving as a couple. Our plans include dinner with our family of choice (aka The Sarahs and their 2 kids) who are vegetarian but prepare turkey breast for us. I’m pretty sure we’ll be schooled in a video game by the 8 year old and get a personal narration of “Frozen.” Mostly, we’ll eat and then lounge on the furniture talking about interesting stuff.We’ve been trying to recall some of the highlights of the past years....more