I Did Not Keep It Real...

Remember the old days when we were guaranteed a full Rose Ceremony every episode?...more

Oh Who's This?

I don't know about you fine folks but I would have been fine if Rachel ended this season after her first 1:1 date. But instead we had 3 dates and lots of drama....more

Y'all. Our lives our


Yes Please!

Hello fine folks! ...more

A recap and a giveaway!!!

Y'all, I'm sorry....more

Just another panic at the disco...

Like all episodes this season, we were left with a cliff hanger and not a rose ceremony. The last time we saw Nick, he was wandering aimlessly through St. Thomas figuring out if he was going to be successful in finding love....more

Well that escalated quickly

Week 6 taught us that even if there isn't any crying in baseball there is actually quite a bit of crying in volleyball....more

MAYbe a little Hocus Pocus

This week's episode of "Rachel is Perfect and Should Be the Bachelorette Even if Nick Picks Her," was another eventful one....more

A Face on the Milk Carton

We've made it to Week 4 already!...more

Whipped Into A Frenzy....

The cliffhanger of last week was pretty short lived....more