Ashley Jones


That time I met my idol...

In July my best friend Sara sent me a link to a story about Tina Fey coming back to Upper Darby, PA....more

Back from the Residential Living

It is I, Jones....more

West Coast Blawg Post on Toast

Allie's West Coast Update:...more

Worst BIP Recapper Ever

Last week, I had half a post done, and then got distracted and never went back to it....more

East Coast Update

Today I was offered a Cinnabon and turned it down....more

Rachel Raycoon Live

When I said I would watch "Bachelor in Paradise," I thought it was going to be a cheap substitute until they announced the next Bachelor. And it is....more

Finally...I mean Finale...

Well folks we made it through another season....more

Get My Man's Name Outcha Mouth

I'm going to be honest. I fast forwarded through a lot of the Men Tell All last night....more

Allie Allie Bo-Ballie...

On Friday, I claimed that I found myself a bully....more

The girl who cried fat...

I've written a lot on this blog about some of my struggles with weight loss....more