The Mountaintop Experience

Today I’m writing over at A Deeper Family. This is the first time I think I’ve ever written an extended piece about my time in my family singing group. I KNOW ....more


(Last Thursday I went to the Mumford & Sons concert. It was amazing and I’m still working through some of what it brought up. This is a bit of my processing here.) These days, the pain that I experienced stays buried, like a poisonous treasure, waiting to eat through the protective covering to bring sickness and death ....more

In the Church, but not of it

My favorite presentation while I was at Wild Goose was hosted by Jared Byas with Levi Weaver. They spoke on spiritual creativity, and as someone who fancies herself a bit of a creative, I was interested to hear their thoughts on that issue. Jared’s talk and Levi’s performance were amazing, but one of the things that really struck me about them was that they both said that we had to get beyond cynicism if we wanted to create ....more

Stuff I’ve Been Reading

Hello friends! So nice of you to drop by for a while during your weekend. Here are some of my favorite things from this week ....more

Your Gagging Isn’t Loving

Last night I had to take some deep breaths after reading the internet. My friend Stephanie linked to this post by...more

7 Billion Paths to God

The first time I really experienced God in a way that was all mine, I was at a Christian music festival. I was listening to a speaker talk about his relationship with his dad and for the first time, everything that I had been talking about and thinking about for my whole life just clicked. The questions that had been floating around in my head suddenly made sense ....more

Stuff I’ve Been Reading

Hello! Lovely to meet up with you again this week. I’ve got some goodies for you, so let’s get to it! ...more

Wild Goose Presentation

I was terrified last Friday morning that no one was going to be attending my presentation on A Christian’s Guide to Atheists. I was presenting at the same time as Frank Schaeffer and Philip Yancey. It was over lunch ....more

When God Became Mother

The first time I heard God called “Mother,” I didn’t know how to react. I was in junior high and was attending a Good Friday youth breakfast. We were in the upstairs at a local UMC church fellowship hall, about fifty youth from various churches meeting together once a year to remember the sacrifice of the cross and eat scrambled eggs and bacon ....more

Guest Post for Rachel Held Evans

On Mondays, Rachel usually blogs about something related to sexuality. I am honored today to share with you a rework of the speech that I gave on Friday at Wild Goose about friendship and sexuality, which is kind of a rework of this series of posts about friendship and attraction. We often talk out of both sides of our mouths ....more