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JL Fields


Vegan Tzatziki and Seriously Spicy BBQ Sauce for Sunshine Burgers (GIVEAWAY)

Hi folks! I’m back with more Sunshine Burger fun! Today I share two new recipes -...more

My Husband’s 21-Day Vegan Challenge

I’ve decided to write this post without much fanfare. Because it’s my blog, not my husband’s, and one day it will be his story to tell. But I can tell you this: Not long after I started this blog I wrote confessions of a vegan lifestyle coach: I have an omnivore husband. . . ....more

Vegan News You Can Use (7/20/14)

Vegan news you can use (7/20/14) America’s Move to Soy Hobbles Dairy Vegan Food: It’s Not About Deprivation Doctor says vegan cuisine key to good health How I Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet 8 Tips for Going Vegan on a Budget Beyond Meat Unleashes New ‘Beast’ Vegan Burger on NY Mets Bay Area brains hacked brewer’s yeast to make vegan cheese JJ’s Sweets distributing new [vegan] candy nationwide Tuna-less tuna and no-pork pulled pork (YamChops, vegetarian butcher shop, Toronto, Canada) Kiss the Cook...more

Win a Big Buddha bag, signed copy of Vegan for Her, and more!

Last night, during the weekly #VeganFoodChat, Ginny and I announced a really fun giveaway on VeganForHer.com (if you missed the chat, replay it here). One person will win this...more

Vegan for Her #VeganFoodChat Twitter Party: TONIGHT

Ginny and I have been invited by The Food Duo to participate in their weekly #VeganFoodChat! We are celebrating...more

Vegan News You Can Use (7/13/14)

Busy weekend! I volunteered for UpaDowna’s ROAR in the City adventure race yesterday and today I’m staffing a vegan table at the Downtown Sunday Market at Acacia Park in ...more


I was going to write a post about the recent ex-vegan wave. But I’ve already told you why I’m vegan. No need to get repetitive. . . ....more

My July 4th BBQ + VegFest Colorado (and Denver) Weekend

I’m tired! I’m still recovering from the weekend! You? . . ....more

Meatless Monday Summer Salads

Baby, its hot outside! Cool down with these summer salads! Cucumber and Onion Quinoa Salad Cucumber & Beet Noodle Salad with Avo-Hemp Dressing Fruit and Cabbage Coleslaw Grilled Summer Salad with Creamy Apricot Dressing The post Meatless Monday Summer Salads appeared first on JL goes Vegan. . . ....more