The unfurling of spring

You sowed your seeds long ago... yet each spring they bloom again. Take pleasure in the new growth, and be open to change.You are never given just one chance ....more

Words are words whether they fly, drip or graze across the page

This space has sat empty with no one to tend the store. A ghost town of words flying by but never grasped, as tumbleweeds - flashes of inspiration quickly lost to the desert wind....more

When the Blogger hits the road...

Tomorrow I set out for BlogHer14. One amongst over three thousand other women (and men) who have a passion for writing on a blogging platform, I will soon feel the hum and energy of creative minds at work. Having been to two BlogHer conferences in past years, it is something to experience ....more

from hot mama to chilled babe

JCK, do you know where your children are?! Yes, she does. JCK is full of glory ....more

I didn't imagine this as me...

I'm not sure how I arrived at this juncture in my work life. I find myself dining alone in my hotel reflecting upon a day of work, and how much my life has changed over the last 3 months. I am digesting more, much more, than my dinner ....more

to declare one's love... and to receive that love

I sit by myself on this Valentine's night sipping on a glass of wine and a dinner of buttered toast with raspberry jam, a full moon bathing the trees in wondrous light out my home office window. I am content, more than content, bordering have this time to myself to write and contemplate the bounty that is my life in the here and now.Tonight, my husband is engaged in a gift of volunteerism, partaking in a scripted play of Where the Wild Things Are for our church's Parish Camp. I can imagine him fully engaged to the awe and amusement of both children and parents, as he helps in a capacity for love and giving that he excels at ....more

...because sometimes this is enough

There are days when I yearn for a bigger house, for more money, for more stuff... for just more. And, there are days like this one, where I am content to be in my tiny corner of our sun porch in which I've carved out my own space - sharpened pencil next to my lap top, the bank of windows to my right where I look out and watch the clouds scuttling across the sky, hinting of much needed rain.It is that yearning for more that sits like a slavering dog on one shoulder and duels with the other side, the lovely, contented plump Buddha ....more

Now YOU are part of the magic of Santa

"Mommy, tell me the you fill the stockings and leave out presents?"I had anticipated its arrival, had managed to skirt around it over Christmas. But, this time, the flight of my ten year old's question flew through still air, in the quiet room, landing... a direct hit.. ....more

Having a better life is not necessarily... an easier life

On the evening of the 30th, as I was out walking with my daughter and looked up, I saw a shooting star streak across the night sky. It was my first experience, and it was breathtaking. It was an invitation to be present....more

Thanksgiving, indeed...

When the rain moves into Southern California... the world quiets down. It feels different - slower, meditative, allowing us to bathe in the soft sounds of raindrops ....more