Boy Legos vs Girl Legos

I keep finding myself in the midst of a heated Lego fueled debate on Facebook about my ill will towards the Lego Friends sets. What's wrong with the Lego Friends sets? Why pick on Lego when Mattel and Hasbro are doing the same thing?, etc, etc, etc.Why Lego? Because we asked for more women in Lego sets and they gave us our own special pink and pastel with tall skinny Barbie-esque mini-figures, basically telling us: No, Lego is for boys. Here's something more appropriate for you....more

How to Get Help Leaving Your Abusive Relationship

I was living on the street at 15 when I met my ex-husband. When I was 16, shortly after I had our first of three children, we married and moved away from family and friends. I lived a very isolated life, emotionally bullied, physically abused, ashamed and alone with no one for support but the person who was abusing me....more
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The Internet Women Are Building

The internet is changing the way women interact with the world. It's opening up all kinds of new opportunities for us, both the terms of business, and in personal growth.Two things struck me the first time I went to a blogging conference....more
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A New Name

As a sex worker, I've changed my name several times. Picking your name is the first step to creating your persona. But long before I was a sex worker, I changed my name to escape bullying....more

This Is Why We Plank

I’ve also always been the kind of person who gains 60-70 pounds per pregnancy. When I was a teenager and had my first kids, the weight came off fairly easily, leaving in its wake, even softer flesh and some gnarly stretch marks. When I had Monkey, the weight did not come off. Whatever. Weight, like age, is just a number. Right? I got rid of a TON of vintage cloths and fetish wear that I knew I would never fit in again. Bygones. Moving on. Plus, we had planned another baby. ...more
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Women Judging Women

Ok. The women judging women thing has to stop. Fuck this idea that because we are women, when we go to conferences we need to behave like prime proper school marms or be shamed and judged – mainly by other women....more
"Men don't need to keep women down. Women are doing a damn fine job of keeping women down ...more

Fifty Shades of Glitter

Women have always been stuck in the middle of a battle that’s not entirely our own. If we are openly sex positive, we are slutty and broken. If we are sexually reserved, we are frigid and uptight. Now with Fifty Shades on every best seller and must read list, talking about sex is all the rage. But, is the sex we are talking about our sex? Or is the sex we are talking about the sex we are expected to talk about.While I dislike the book, I do love the fact that it has so many women talking about sex. Let keep that trend going!...more

The ER

It’s nearing midnight. We’re preparing for surgery and the nurse is asking questions rapid fire.  I’m dazed and in shock.  It’s happening so fast I respond in the only way I know how. “Do you have any heart issues?” It’s broken. “And blood issues?” It’s coming out? Rapidly. “Mental or psychological issues?” Self deprecating humor as a form of defense?...more

Meet Adult Baby Johnny

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with baby johhny. Awesome timing no? I’ve been seeing him for ages.  I’m not sure why – I’m not all that into adult babies. Not that I don’t have fun with him, he’s a fun boy. He used to see another well known Mistress and he wanted to do a double with me. I was thrilled – I had met her, but never played with her. AND?! She was supposed to have an amazing dungeon.  I don’t know who was more excited – baby johnny or me!...more