Falling Down

I have to be someone else for a little while. Or maybe a long while, depending on how things go. You see, I'm changing careers and need to protect myself against misinterpretations of my most opinionated postings. Which means if I'm going to blog, I have to blog anonymously. And I need to blog, right now.This morning I got an email message from the manager in charge of my dream job. She was kindly dropping a line to let me know that my resume was not shortlisted for interviewing. I say 'kindly' because she was under no obligation to email me, and the message was generous in tone....more

Fiction, LIX

A Bloggy Impasse

I haven't felt like writing about myself very much, lately.  I'm a small business owner – a dayhome operator, so consequently a professional parent.  Writing about myself on my blog permits clients and friends to see so much more of me than I see of them.  My life is laid open for them, in five hundred word increments.  Reciprocity is impossible....more


One of the most epic battles my mother and I ever had was about me hiding in my room.  I was thirteen or some other horrifying age, fraught with hormones and bad hair and worse clothes and a rebellious body and everything in my life just. felt....more

Movies With Subtitles and Other Politics

You all know I'm a big fan of Kwame Anthony Appiah.  I like the idea of moral cosmopolitanism.  I think it might be the only way to effectively erode racism at its very foundations.  I mean, what could possibly be better than learning about our global citizens and interacting with them in an engaging, non-threatening, un-threatened way?...more

The Twoonie Party

Let me just say from the outset that I was highly skeptical of the whole bring-money-instead-of-a-gift birthday party concept.  For a couple of reasons:  I'm a hippie in suburban disguise, and approach money as more of a political device than a cherished collectible.  My kids will be capitalists because that's where we live, but my hope is that they will grow to earn money for what it can do instead of for what it is.  If that makes any sense.  The other reason?  I really like to buy gifts for kids.  I really like to find obscure, retro, ...more
 @victorias_view I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  I hope she chooses to do it this ...more

There Are Crumbs in My Rut, And Plastic Ponies

We were at the swimming pool this morning, getting the kids through their weekly lessons after another one of those late nights and early mornings that are turning all of us into pea-soup-spitting, triple-headed monsters.  My daughter just grew 2 centimetres in three weeks.  In body aches and disposition she's an octogenarian chasing kids off her lawn, menacing with her cane.  I would drug her if I thought it would help.  She and I have little patience for each other, lately....more


The semester break fiction project really started by accident.  I'd had a story sort of rattling around in my head for a few years, and I found myself daydreaming bits and pieces of it during down times and car trips.  But I wasn't willing to share it.  Sharing fiction is like public speaking, or singing karaoke before the rum kicks in, or arriving at school to discover you'd forgotten your pants at home.  It makes me vulnerable in a way that blogging about my acne, my facial hair, my flabby thighs or my dietar...more

I Don't Have Cancer

I'm going to be thirty-five this summer.  I have nine grey hairs – three from surviving a year of colic with my son, three from my first semester of graduate school this winter, and three are more recent still.  I was showering last month, sometime during the insanity of running a business and finishing my term paper, and I felt a lump in my left breast.  Those last few grey hairs showed up the following morning....more
 @sassymonkey Thanks :-)  We're pretty relieved, at my house!more

What Am I Writing For?

I've been turning this question over in my head all morning.  Generally speaking, I write because I have to.  It's just what I do.  I've been writing for longer than I can remember.  It's just what I do....more
 @victorias_view I would love to get paid to write, Belle.  I'd just prefer to retain ownership ...more